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A Walk
A Walk

© Vrashali Lohia


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Clear sky with the sun blazing right at us. It was a clear setting for a nice couple walk. I held his hand, interlocking my fingers with his. We took some rounds on the terrace, like others around. At times, he would give his perfect smile or crack a joke, just to see me laugh. And then, I could feel his hand leaving mine to go all the way around my waist. The moment his fingers touched my shirt, I had a huge hormonal imbalance making me faint and fall and smile, all at once! Hesitant, I looked at him. Happy. Nervous. Excited. Scared. And again, his smile gave it all away. A conclusion to my fears and an answer to my nervousness. We climbed down the stairs and wandered. A small entry to a park between the monuments invited me. It was an isolated garden, or let’s just say a small area with grass growing anywhere and everywhere. Yet, it looked beautiful and placid. As if the place was made for us. It had a wall built like a bench for us too. I threw my bag aside and sat, gasping. We had been walking all day and this place had been our rescue from all the tiredness! Sitting and watching him could be called my favorite hobby. His eyes, so deep and black. His hair, so silky to touch. His lips, so perfect. So mine. I don’t know if it was me who took the next step or him. It was as if subconsciously everything happened without any warnings. I let my hand force the back of his head towards me. My eyes panicked and went blind. My hands automatically went on his shoulder. I went towards him, closer. And then, as my lips crushed against his, my mind went blank. All the rationality vanished. I did not know if I was in that park or elsewhere, I did not know who I was. I just knew something had happened to me, something that my heart yearned for. My lips swayed in motion with his. His hand started its trail from my legs to my thighs to my waist. Every touch of his ordered me to kiss even more passionately. Our lips were stuck together till we went breathless. Gasping for air, I saw him get up and turn the other way. I had no time to ask him anything, I was in a world of questions. My mind did not know if I was right or wrong, but my heart surely did, and I happily trusted it.


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