Reach For The Stars!

Reach For The Stars!

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Watching the NEW YORK CITY skyline from the terraced garden, a thousand stars above and a million stars beneath, smiling at herself, Aisha had a feeling of pride about how far she had come...

Sitting on a lush green hill top while the sheeps were grazing 13 year old Aisha was totally engrossed in the fantasy world of imagination, weaving a thousand stories with a wonderful voice. So powerful was the voice that even the birds stopped their journey and sat by the tree listening to her sing!! She totally forgot about the sheep, her father again had to go and find the missing two sheep! Just last week, she had been so busy weaving tales into a soulful song for the small kids in the village...she had forgotten that her mother had sent her to buy cooking oil urgently!!

Aisha's mother and father were fast realizing that their day dreaming daughter was a gifted child with a thousand stories to sing and a vivid imagination. They decided to encourage Aisha to live her dreams. But there were challenges.

They were a hardworking and humble family. While here parents worked as laborers in the nearby fields, Aisha also supported her family selling local handicrafts, hair clips and earrings at the local station where a few trains halted each day. 

On one such occasion, after a long tiring day Aisha was sitting at a corner and singing. Her soulful voice dreaming about distant lands that she longed to travel one day.  Her voice was so powerful that most of the people kept listening to her voice and let the train go. A lady walked towards Aisha and said

-" You have a lovely voice dear! What is your name?  "

- “Thank you Madam, my name is Aisha ".

- “aaah what a beautiful name, would you like to join my studio for training?”

- “I cannot pay fees for the training.”

- “I will take your audition and then you just have to be regular for training. I will talk to your parents. But you must pay after you start working. "

- “THANK YOU very much madam! It means a lot!"

Aisha did a lot of hard work for 3 years. The city life was tough but Aisha rose with every challenge, never giving up. And you one see the results! Today she does many concerts and is very successful. She is much loved and adored by millions of fans not just for her songs but also her inherent honesty and humble traits which she never forgot. She continues to enjoy her life with her family and loved ones.



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