2 Sisters

2 Sisters

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I was sitting in my room. Lying on the floor. Shivering in cold late December morning, and moreover had left my A/C on intentionally the whole night to punish you. 'Punish you’, for leaving me ALONE. 

How silly am I? Obviously, I am silly, a depression patient. Yess! A depression patient, I know you don't like it when I say that, but I have to say because this is the truth, my Dida. You are my soulmate. My life. My Mishti. I have never told you Dida.

You being 12 years elder to me. I was only 2 when you left for your studies at the hostel in Dehradun. Ma was worried about your studies because Baba had died.

After his comeback in yours and Ma's life; after 12 years, he came back, to bring me in this world. And see from the day I was born I had taken everyone away. Baba died. You left for Dehradun and I was left with Ma in the house alone.

You know I LOVED HER A LOT. I had been ALONE with her busy schedule. And she left me ALONE too when I was 6. No one loved me. I had been ALONE always.

After your comeback. You became busy with my health and your work. And my health it became worse. I missed Ma, as I was ALONE. You were calling my name, constantly, "Nayra", but I ignored. After a long while, I opened the door. I was so badly cold that I fell on the ground. I don't remember anything after that. But I know what you have done. You must have called Dr.Nayar and had been sitting beside my bed whole day.

It was 4:00 pm when I woke up. I had not eaten anything the whole day. You bought Khichdi for me. I threw it. You bought another bowl. I threw that too. Still your expressions were same. Why had you not screamed at me? Why had you not scolded me? Why? Why you love me so much when I have given you pain for these 10 years? Why you love me so much when I have kept you away from your love Krish? I never allowed him to come home and punished you by giving pain to myself for meeting him. Why am I like that? And today when he came home to meet me, you told him to go. But, today I changed the daily scenario, I called him in. I asked him to take me and you out of the house. Asked him to take us for a movie, dinner and then a long walk. 

He was shocked. You started crying. He immediately took me and you out, because he knew he didn't want to waste time. We enjoyed a lot. We had dinner. Watched Salman's movie. And then we had ice-cream. We came back home. He was happy. And I went in my room. I realized what I had done with you. Had spoiled your life. Now it was your time. It was your way. You can live the way you want. You don't have to take care of my medicines, my food, my looking at a single think constantly and thinking that it is ALONE like me. Now you don't have to bother that much.

Ah! I wrote so much. But honestly I love you a lot my Dida.

Miss me, Good bye!

Your's Nayra

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