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Poor Boy
Poor Boy

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There was a very poor small boy who was living in slums, he wanted to study but his mother was not in position to make afford his studies, so he was going for work. Every day morning he was collecting flowers and removing wastes with the help of fork then he was rolling with paper and packing in the box, on the box he was writing with the pencil, number of flowers he was packed then he was tying that box in the rope, then he carried that box to the market to sell.

After that he was going to work at homes who will pay money to him, he loves music very much whenever listening songs any where on radio he stops his work and stand wherever he was.

His mother was doing crafts with the wire, bed spring, pins, sticks etc, and the boy was selling that on the road side.

When the children’s was going to school, the slum boy was going with them and he was pulling the window screen to listen lesson by standing on the window side or he was standing on the front of class room door.

He was praying for god to show me the way to study, when he was standing on front of class room, watchman came and throw that boy from out of the school and said him, you can’t able to come into school without admission, school head master can see from the glass that you are coming to school, then it will effect to my job, then the watchman went and start eating egg of hen on sitting his chair.

Then the boy went for to sell fruits as usual in the front of one big company name called as lotus, then started to cut the fruits with mixing salt and pepper, one man came to him for eating fruits and the boy sawed him with shocked because he looks like very rich man wearing bracelet, gold ring, watch, shoes. So the boy was thinking why the man came to my stall to eat fruits, the man said him to give fruits with mixing extra pepper powder.

The man said to that boy I know why you are looking at me with shock face, let me say the reason, I was watching you from so many days because you find me some special, way of speaking with customers using English words. In other stalls it will not be clean and fruits will not be fresh with full of mosquitoes and cockroaches, then the man went saying him to come and meet me at my home tomorrow, I will help you for further studies.

Then the boy went to home and shared with his mother about that rich man as wat he said and he was eagerly waiting for next day to meet him. Next day he brushed teeth and took bath, then he went to meet that person to his home.

The rich man was waiting for the slum boy, the boy came to his home and he looked at the man he was wearing suit and smoking, when the man saw the boy he put cigarette in to ash tray and he gave a bunch of orange and said him, this is for you to eat not to sell, from today on wards you can go for school and I wish you to study well to achieve your goal and success, the boy was shocked for a few minutes, then the boy thank him and went for a school.

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