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From Every Girl’s Secret Diary
From Every Girl’s Secret Diary

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Yes, I broke up with him and yes he was a great guy. He treated me like an angel but that was the problem.

Today, you treat me like an angel and tomorrow you will expect me to behave like one. Who am I kidding, I am not an angel. I will be in constant pressure pretending to be someone I am not. How can I be an angel when nature made me a human being.

Like every normal person I am imperfect, I make mistakes and cry when my heart breaks. I do not look beautiful all the time. In fact, mostly I am a big mess. I get hurt and at times I overreact. I can spoil your evening plans just because I am not in a good mood or going through PMS.

Don’t expect me to be an angel, who is always perfect, always beautiful, with a smile on her face and who always knows how to put things in line. Expect me to loose temper when you do something wrong and also when you do nothing wrong.

I might be imperfect in many things, but beneath these imperfections there is immense love and support for you. Just allow me to show some. I don’t want to be a princess or an angel. I just want to be a girl. If you really love me, let me be who I am.

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