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Beyond Those Four Walls
Beyond Those Four Walls

© Anushka Malhotra

Abstract Fantasy Inspirational

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Time and tide waits for none. Never did she realize that time will actually fly by so fast. Growing up all she wanted was to grow up faster. Sick and tired of the monotonous life at school all she could dream of was to go beyond those four walls. But not until she was out of those four walls did she realize how precious those walls were to her.

She was a person who didn't believe in the notion of: you never realize the importance of something until it is lost. But there standing with moist eyes on the last day of her school life she contradicted her beliefs. The reality hit her, within these lifeless walls she had created memories of a lifetime, formed relationships which she'll carry in her heart forever. Now standing on the threshold of a new life she looked back to those walls, which were once her, shield protecting her from the harsh realities of life. Now taking strength from these walls, she prepared herself to move forward to face her worst fear, the fear of uncertainty, the fear of unknown.

Now she gets out of her bed ready to face whatever life has in store for her. She has learned not to run from her past but to learn from it and doing that she faces all of life's challenges. With lessons those four walls taught her in her heart she braves the world. Now finding her place in this infinite universe, she has mastered the skill of being happy even when she was sad.



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