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© Muskan Aneja

Crime Drama Thriller

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"What do you mean the daughter is still alive!?" A figure in the shadows yelled.

Another man with a face full of fear trembled and said-

"I'm s-sorry s-sir,we j-just got to k-know...."

"After Ten years?!" The dark figure was clearly annoyed at the poor man.

However there was nothing the poor man in front of him could do, except apologize.

"What do you mean by sorry? All this while she was alive! You have no idea what you have gotten yourself into.."

But before the man man could even open his mouth, It was shut by the figure, forever.

Before the scene blurred, the figure turned around revealing a ghastly yet unfamiliar face.

Macy woke up with a start. What was going on? This same dream, this same man, those same words repeated every night for the past one month.

It had now started to creep her out.

I tried to shut my eyes, and although it was over for that moment, dozens of questions washed my mind.

Who was the man?

What was he talking about?

Something inside me made me feel that I was connected to all this in a way.


A gentle hand brushed my frizzy hair.

She awoke to the sight of a room filled with balloons and streamers and her father by her side.

"Happy birthday!!"

As happy and excited as I wanted to be, it was just not possible.

"Thanks dad." I said with a smile plastered on my face.

Most people find their birthday one of the most awaited days of the year, for me its the most dreaded.

I looked at my finger-a bright blue rhinestone sparkling in the light. I held it tight, the most valuable thing I owned was there right on the back of my hand.

I love you mom.

I didn't receive a wish from her yet.

She was late, ten years late.



Macy sat back on her seat, all strapped up in her seat in the car. Decked up in her birthday outfit. She and Mommy were going on a 'Special' car trip.

Being with her mom was always fun. Somehow just looking into those dreamy eyes gave her the satisfaction that nothing could ever make up for. That smile was one of a kind.

"All ready Macy?"

"Yes mom!" As they drove into the sunset, she looked into her mother's eyes.There was something different. No gleam, no sparkle but signs of fear.

Suddenly the car stopped in the middle of the deserted road. Her mother held Macy and hugged her tight. This was no happy birthday hug, this was-something-different.

"I love you Macy, I will be right back."

She never came. She left behind her ring that was now with Macy.

A few days later the cops found her body in a nearby jungle.

She supposedly died of a car crash

Macy was four.

This was the last thing she expected to happen. But she knew one thing for sure-things were never going to be the same.


I blinked tears out of my eyes, grabbed my bag and scurried downstairs. I devoured my breakfast and washed the plate. My dad had come down when I came out of the kitchen.

"Gotta go, dad,"

I said, before giving dad a hug. "Love you!"

I rushed out of the door.

I reached my bus stop in time. For once. My best friends, May and Rachel, were standing at the stop.


May exclaimed, grinning at her, "Hey, guys!"

I said, groaning. The images from my dream...no, nightmare, kept flashing in my eyes.

Rachel frowned, "What happened? Don't wanna go to school?"


May took a sharp breath, "Bad dreams again?"

I nodded and recounted my dreams, "And even worse," I continued, "I've been getting flashbacks of my mom dying in that car crash again."

May and Rachel exchanged looks.

"Macy," Rachel began, "Your mom didn't die from a car crash-"

"-she was murdered," May finished.

Drama Death Murder Mother Daughter

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