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Shyam heard a voice near his house door. "Sir, Postman!" was the call from the Postman Magesh.

"Magesh, is it the same case as like last time?" asked Shyam. "Yes, Sir!" answered Magesh.

Yes, he had a bundle in his hands and it was the story written by him and sent to some publisher.

Shyam always loved writing stories and as soon as he had finished writing, he would read it and give it to others for review and since he always got good reviews, he kept sending it to the publishers which was always returned back to him promptly.

Few days passed by. Shyam was speaking to his sister and he heard the voice of the Postman. He came out asking "Is it the same case this time too?" Magesh replied, "No Sir. You got a Gift Cheque this time. You made it Sir!!"

Shyam felt accomplished. He could not believe whether it was a Reality or a Dream since he was very much confident this time in getting it published as the story had come out well. Suddenly there was a loud thud. Yes, Shyam fell from the bed. Next to his bed was a table. On the top of it, there was an unposted cover which had the story written by Shyam. Now he realized it was just a dream but went to sleep telling himself that he must post the story first thing in the morning without fail to make his dream turn into a reality.

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