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Gulliver's Travel - Part 6
Gulliver's Travel - Part 6

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Part Six: My career as a Performer

I was happy with the farmer and his family, and the days passed quickly.

There were always a lot of visitors to the house. They came to see me. They

were all interested in the little man that the farmer had found in the field.

One of the farmer's friends noticed that everybody in the village wanted to

see me.

'You could make a lot of money,' he told the farmer. 'Everybody in the

village has seen the little man. Why don't you take him into town on market

day? Make the people pay you to see him.'

The farmer thought this was a good idea. Glumdalclitch did not like the

idea, because she was afraid the people would hurt me. She also knew that I

was very modest, and that I would not want to perform for the public.

The next morning, however, the farmer took Glumdalclitch and me to

town. They put me into a box on one of the horses, and the journey was very

uncomfortable for me.

The horse moved very violently, and it was like being in a ship during a


When we arrived at the town, we stayed in a hotel. The farmer told the

people in the town about me, and lots of them came to see me. We organised

a show for them.

'Stand up!' Glumdalclitch told me.

I stood up, and bowed politely to the people in the room. They laughed,

and clapped their hands.

'Take out your sword!' she said next.

I took out my sword, and looked fiercely at the people in the room. Once

again, everybody laughed and clapped their hands.

The farmer made a lot of money, and he decided to travel to other towns.

We went from town to town. Everyone came to see us, and I was very


We lived like this for a long time. It was a terrible life for me. I did not

like to be a spectacle for the people. I was unhappy, and I became ill.

Every day I lost strength, and I thought I was going to die. Glumdalclitch

was worried about me, but her father just wanted to make as much money as

possible from me. He did not care about me at all.

One day we came to the capital city of Brobdingnag. We performed our

show for the people as usual. A lot of people came to see me, and the farmer

was happy. We decided to stay in the city for a while.

Soon the whole city was talking about me. One day a man from the palace

came to talk to the farmer.

'The Queen wants to see this little man,' he said. 'Bring him to the palace


The farmer, Glumdalclitch and I were very excited. We decided to

perform a very special show for the Queen. We wanted to please her.

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