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Trance, The Dance Of Love
Trance, The Dance Of Love

© Reema Sonkar

Drama Romance

43 Minutes   15.7K    123

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Sia an amateur dancer, chooses the path of deceit, to chalk her path towards her dreams. All hell breaks loose when she is caught. How does she sail out of this situation. With her hard work and passion she does manage to achieve her dreams of entering the International arena of dancing. In this journey she falls in love with her mentor but her life swirls around and now she has to choose between her love and passion. What would Sia choose?

Perry is an ace dancer dipped in arrogance. His arrogance and short temper invites a lot of trouble for him. An ugly turn of events change’s his life forever. Would Perry sacrifice his most precious thing and pass it on to someone else?

Perry, Veronica and Sia face an unimaginable situation which results in their lives turning upside down.

How will they sail through these testing times and emerge as winners?

Would Sia overcome all the obstacles and achieve her goals.

Veronica, Sia and Perry`s life reaches crossroads which would lead to a lot of heart breaks.

This is a story about big dreams, deceit, hard-work, love, jealously and eventually victory. It speaks about the slow transformation of an amateur dancer who uses deceit as a tool to make her dreams come true. It is also a tale of a perfectionist dance trainer who mellows down from an arrogant trainer into a loving person in the company of the deceitful yet hard-working dance amateur.

Find out more in this emotional roller-coaster ride of Sia, Perry, and Veronica.

TRANCE.. The Dance of Love..

Part 1

Perry (Flashback)

Place: New York

Opening scene:

A handsome lad, Perry, dressed in a crisp formal attire seated in New York jail, slips into reminiscence. Perry is just about to be released on bail.

He goes into an introspective mode, remembering his glorious old days as an ace dancer. He was a young lad with a chiselled physique and remarkable dance moves, he enthralled one and all; he had eventually grabbed the winning trophy at the Biggest Dance Championship at the Hall of Fame. This had happened twice, not just once.

*flashback of him grooving at the dance stage with a thundering round of applause from the audience*

Then, Perry is shown in an argument with the rivals after his performance.

Rival: Hey, you looked like a baboon dancing and jumping on the stage.

Perry was already in a foul mood as Veronica, his girlfriend had dumped him for another handsome hunk. He was not able to come to terms with his break up. He instantly flew into a rage and retorted.

Perry: Keep your mouth shut. Look at you, dressed like a disco ball, incompetent, ill-mannered fellow. You cannot outrun me in dancing.

Rival: How dare you?

Perry: Gets in a fist fight with his rival.

*Organizers arrive to resolve the duel*

Perry bashes the organizers in a fit of rage. Following this terrible showdown with the organizers, Perry gets disqualified from the Championship.

Scene 1

Frustrated and disheartened, Perry leaves the place, gets drunk and starts driving his car haywire.

He starts losing his control off the steering wheel and enters into the wrong driving lane. His car collides head on with a huge truck. He meets with a terrible accident and injures a pedestrian too.

He gets arrested on the same day by the police. He was driving in an intoxicated state. He argues with the police and messes the situation even more. He is sentenced to 6 months of imprisonment for drink and drive .

Scene 2

*Another flashback*

Perry’s short temper was the prime reason why his former girlfriend cum dance partner, Veronica, had left him and joined hands with his rivals.

Perry had got into a fight several times with Veronica in trying to get her back, but Veronica was in no mood to patch up with him. She had enough of his mood swings.

Perry is shown fighting with his former girlfriend.

Cut to scene 1

Long shot of camera showing Perry in jail

Part 2

After 3 months

Perry shows no sign of regret or remorse in jail. But after 3 months of endless efforts of offering bribe to the jail officials, his cousin-cum- secretary, Lebin, manages to get him released on bail.

Lebin: Hi Perry, Congratulations. You are getting a bail.

Perry (in a cold and indifferent mood): Thanks Lebin, You are a good secretary

Lebin: Hmm..You look very bogged down by the incident. You should distract your mind by following your passion again. Perry, my dear friend, I think you should resume dancing and bring out the best version of yoursefl in front of all. C’mon dude, take life seriously. You are talented, experienced and so good at dancing.

Moreover, International Dance Championship is going to be held soon. You should register for it.

Perry asked thoughtfully: But, that is for couple dancers, right?

Lebin: Yes, but we have enough time. The championship is 9 months away. Let’s audition and find the right female partner to partner with you at the dance championship.

Perry recollected that one of his friends had once recommended to partner with a girl named Carla based in Assam-India, who was exceptional in dancing. Although Perry had not seen or met her at that time, he had remembered his friend mentioning that she was Perry’s fan and very keen to join him as a dance partner. Perry swiftly arranged Carla's Business Card and asked Lebin to do the necessary arrangements for getting Carla to his dance studio so that they could start rehearsing for the International Dance Championship.

Lebin dials Carla’s phone number hoping to get an appointment with her so that he could personally convey Perry`s Proposal to her.

The number goes unanswered.

Lebin now decides to write a letter at her address with the dance proposal for the International Dance Championship.

Part 3

The letter reached the addressed location but Carla was no longer staying there. A girl named Sia received the letter, read it and felt very excited about the dance proposal. She too was a wannabe dancer and wanted to grab this opportunity of being Perry's partner. It was like a dream come true for her.


Sia (in a vicious thinking mode): Wow, this is a golden opportunity for me. I should impersonate as Carla and make my dream of dancing with Perry come true.

*monologue ends*

Sia boards a flight to Perry's city, takes a cab to his residence and receives a warm welcome from Lebin.

She gets into a sugar-coated talk with Lebin and finds out that Perry and Carla had never met. So she thought of not disclosing the truth till the right time comes.

Sia enters Perry's Personal Dance Studio and feels amazed at the sight.

Sia: Wow, this is an out of the world feeling. Finally, it seems like I am very close to achieving my dreams of becoming a wonderful dancer.

*Half the day goes by*

Sia makes herself comfortable in the sprawling lobby of the studio. She sips on a couple of cups of coffee while waiting for Perry.

Time goes by

An hour..two hours..three hours.. but Perry doesn’t arrive .

Sia starts feeling disappointed as night falls.. and then finally Perry arrives wearing a grey T-shirt teamed with blue jeans. He had neatly gelled his hair. Sia could not take her eyes off him. Her heart lights up with hope once again. She gathered herself and said.

Sia: Hi Perry, I am the dancer you have been looking for.

Perry stares at her, she did not seem like a professional dancer at all given her mediocre dressing sense.

Perry (in a cold manner) : Oh, hi. Let’s talk business. Here’s my dance routine plan.

*Sia and Perry discuss the details at length*

They chalk out an entire schedule for their practise sessions.

Perry: I don’t want to waste any more time. We will start practising from tomorrow itself. I want you to be here on time tomorrow. Now, you can go and rest in the guest room, enjoy your stay here. Everything is on the house till you are here.

Sia left for the guest room. She eagerly waited for the next morning to start with the dance practice sessions.

The dance practice session began the next day as per the plan.

Sia was dot on time. Perry too arrived.

Part 4

Day 1

Perry: Show me your signature moves, I want to see your moves before we start with our routine dance rehearsals for the International Dance Competition.

*Sia dances. She gets extremely conscience and nervous.

Perry finds Sia to be an extremely immature dancer. By no means, she was a groomed dancer, rather, she seemed hardly a dancer.

Perry (snaps at Sia): Are you kidding me? What was this? Do you realize this is not a JOKE. This is for the International Dance Competition.

Sia: I am sorry Perry. It is my first day with an established dancer like you. I’am getting tensed and nervous, but I promise to reach your level of expertise soon.

A day goes by and Sia starts feeling guilty for taking Perry on a ride.

Day 2

The following morning again Sia reached the studio dot on time. She had practiced her moves the previous night as well. She did not want to disappoint Perry again.

Perry again instructs her to dance.

Sia performs disappointing dance steps once again. No rhythm, no clarity of moves. She could hardly dance. Her nervousness worsened her moves even more. This time Perry got extremely annoyed.. He yelled at her a couple of times and explained her how important this event was for him and how she was a complete misfit for being his dance Partner.

Sia felt miserable. Tears filled her eyes, she couldn't lie anymore, she finally gathered courage and revealed everything to him on how she had received a letter in Carla`s name and how she had always wanted to learn dancing from him. She also revealed on how she had jumped at this golden opportunity to meet him in person and make her dream come true.. Perry was furious, he slapped her angrily for taking him on a ride. Sia was guilty but angry too . She had not expected Perry to slap her.

Perry balls his fingers in rage and calls Lebin

Perry: Hi Lebin.

Lebin: Hi Perry

Perry: Did you conduct a verification before calling Sia here?

Lebin: No. But I had sent a letter to the same address that you gave me. What is the matter Perry? Has something gone wrong?

Perry: Yes you fool. How could you miss out on verification. This girl is not Carla. She has fooled you and me very tactfully. Do you want to know what has happened? We are ruined...

Perry shares with Lebin how Sia had tactfully lied and fooled them.

Perry: Now, you better get this load off my head. Arrange for her return as soon as possible and look for a replacement immediately.

Lebin: I am indeed very sorry Perry. I apologize for all the mess. It was my mistake. I should have verified. I will clear this mess right away.

Lebin tried to book a flight for Sia the following day but due to the aviation strike, all the flights to India were cancelled for the next 10 days.. With no choice left, he booked her flight on the 10th day when the tickets were available and handed over the tickets to her.

Part 5

Sia was at Perry's home all shattered and guilty.

*Sia in a sad mood, thinks to herself*

She wished she could have cleared things before leaving so that this situation could have been averted. She spoke to Lebin and tried to explain that she had never intended this and was very sorry for all the confusion. They chatted for sometime Sia also revealed how she had lost her family a year back and how lonely she was. Meeting Perry was a dream come true and hence she had not thought much before grabbing the opportunity. Lebin didn't say much but he did feel bad for Sia. He consoled her and asked her to use Perry`s house for accommodation for the next 10 days . Sia nodded, she anyways did not have any other option.

Soon Lebin left for his home while Sia headed towards Perry`s abode.

She entered the guest room and changed, it was already late night. She unknowingly started pacing the drawing room and waited for Perry to return.

Perry came home late night all sloshed and lost. Sia saw him and felt pity at his plight and loneliness.

Sia quickly walked towards him and held him.

Sia: Perry, you can barely walk. Are you okay?

Perry: Yes, get out of my sight, you fraud. Go away!

Sia: Perry, calm down. You look way too drunk. Come; let me leave you safely to your room.

She helped him to his room and laid him on his bed. Perry was soon asleep.

The next morning Sia rose very early and cooked breakfast. She straight headed towards Perry's dancing room.

*Camera zooms out*

Wearing a bodycon suit, Sia is shown practising her steps in the dancing studio. She looks radiant as she swirls with the beautiful bright sunshine kissing her face and adding a radiant glow to her skin.

She takes a deep breath and tries the step Perry had taught her and keeps trying till she gets it right. Meanwhile, Perry too had woken up and entered the dancing room. He watched her dance. Her silky hair were tied into a pony tail which bounced as she gracefully swayed to the music. Innocence beamed through her large eyes. He felt captivated with her charm and beauty. His heart softened, he felt bad for slapping her and being so rude to her. Sia could feel his eyes measuring her. She felt conscience. They caught a glimpse of each other.

Perry broke the silence, “ Lets have breakfast, I`m very hungry”.

Sia nodded, they headed towards the dining area and ate breakfast together peacefully.

Soon, Perry left for his dancing studio. Sia stayed back at his home. Since she had nothing to do, she cleaned the entire house and turned it into a ‘home’, she then headed to the kitchen and cooked an entire meal. She sat by the window and waited for Perry to return. As expected, Perry again came home drunk though this time he was much sober.

He looked around with his eyes and mouth wide open, he couldn't believe he had entered his own house.

Perry: Sia, have you done this to my house?

Sia *excited*: Yes, how do you find it now?

Perry *furious*: How dare you touch the things in my room and house? Get out of my sight right now!

*camera zooms in, focuses on Sia’s face and then pans out*

Sia felt very hurt and starts crying due to Perry’s misbehaviour.

Perry retired to his room, he instantly felt bad for scolding her but he does not bother to say sorry. Sia quietly goes back to her room and feels terrible.

After a few hours, Perry feels hungry and enters the kitchen to grab a bite..

Part 6

Perry devoured the food served on table and came back to his senses. He relished the food to the core. He decided to talk to Sia. He enters her room.

Perry (with a heavy heart): I am sorry Sia, I should not have spoken to you like that. It was a knee-jerk reaction . I should not have insulted you like that.

Sia’s heart melts but she does not respond.

Perry profusely apologizes to her for his rude behaviour, Sia finally gives in and accepts his apology with a sweet smile.

The next morning Sia reaches the dance studio. This time she feels much more confident, she tries the dance steps taught by Perry. She switches on Perry’s video in his dance studio and tries copying it. It was tough for a non-dancer to dance like a professional but she had a strong determination to learn. Perry walks in and again notices her dancing with passion. He stares at her, as time passed he felt drawn towards her undying efforts to achieve perfection in her dance.

He could no longer hold himself, he walked towards her and corrected her steps. He gave her some tips and taught her some moves. Sia felt delighted to learn at least something from him.

After a rigorous dance session, they took a break for breakfast.

They chatted over breakfast and discussed various aspects of their lives . Sia was strikingly gorgeous, Perry observed her and complimented her. Sia was delighted, this was the first time that she had ever heard something good about herself from Perry. He also appreciated her for her culinary skills.

Perry left after breakfast but kept thinking about Sia the entire day. He returned early that evening, without having alcohol. He saw Sia waiting for him yet again.

They sat by the window and chatted for hours together. Sia requested him if he could teach her dance till she was there. Perry readily agreed.

Next morning, Sia was awake very early to learn dancing. She played Perry's videos and tried his steps all by herself. Perry jumped out of bed and rushed towards the studio. He watched Sia from a distance, she was engrossed in her dance. Perry soon realized that she was be a completely different dancer when no one was watching her. It was only nervousness that would mess with her moves especially when she was around Parry. He observed her keen efforts to learn dancing. He now knew that it was important for Sia to be comfortable in his company for her to give her best in dancing.

He changed his style of teaching her and tried his best to make her feel comfortable. He taught her the moves, explained her how passion is so important in dancing. He asked her to shut her eyes and dance like no one was watching. Sia followed his advise and shut her eyes. They tried the dance moves together and got some basic steps right. The dancing session for the first time brought out a passionate dancing chemistry between them. They danced for hours together lost in each other.

This continued for almost a week and Sia had now picked up most of the dancing moves .. Perry realized that if he pushed her a bit more, he need not hunt for a new dance partner, he could train Sia instead.

Two days later, as per the flight tickets, Sia had to leave.

Though Perry had been thinking about asking Sia to stay back but he was reluctant to approach her considering the show down that he had with her earlier and his male ego added to his reluctance even more.

Two days passed by in a jiffy, it was now time for Sia to leave. After a formal Goodbye, Sia left. It was hardly sometime and Perry had already started missing her.

His mind navigated back to the times spent with Sia, their dance sessions, their fights, her cooking, he felt miserable and totally broke.

*flashback of their dance routines, breakfast and sweet talks*

Part 7

He decided to not waste any more time and get her back. He wanted to tell her that he wanted to partner with her for the Championship. He wanted to tell her much more, but for now he decided to stick to business.

Meanwhile, Sia who was on her way to the airport too could not stop herself from thinking about Perry, It was equally hard for her to forget the days spent with Perry and she also wished he had asked her to stay back.

Perry looks at the clock. He jumps into his car and drives like a maniac. He could feel his heart pounding under his chest. He jumped all signals , he knew he would be caught, but he did not care, he just wanted to get Sia back. In the nick of time, he reaches the airport, he runs towards the boarding gates but is stopped by the security.

Perry- Please let me go in, she will go away please.

Security- You can’t go in

Perry-Its an emergency, please help me.

Perry folds his hands and desperately pleads.

He soon hears the announcement of Sia`s plane taking off. He drops to his knees and cries like a child.

Just then he eyes fall on a bench, he wipes his tears and watches closely. His heart skips a beat as he sees Sia sitting peacefully on the bench. He smiles through his tears and runs towards her.

Perry- Hey, hi.. you did not go?

Sia looks up (surprised)

Sia- What are you doing here?

Sia stares at Perry and smiles with happiness and hope.

Perry: I had told you to ‘leave, get out of my sight and seems like you took it literally Sia?

Sia: Perry, you had left me with no choice. I don’t know why I did not leave. I did not feel like leaving.

Perry: Look, here I come with another chance, another hope and with another little ray of sunshine into your life. You are not going anywhere. I have realized that I can’t and don’t want to go ahead without you.

It was stupid of me to not tap your potential to its peak. It’s our time to work as a team, support each other, rise and shine Sia. I want you to join me for the Dance Championship.

Sia could not believe her ears. Dancing with Perry had become a part of her. She knew it would be impossible for her to live without Perry and dancing. Without any second thought, she readily agreed.

They both hugged each other and cried. They soon headed back home hand in hand.

The big day of the event was hardly a few months away and there was a lot of training Sia needed to undergo to get the perfection that a professional dancer needed.. She practiced religiously, grasped all that Perry taught her and soon she was very close to a professional dancer.. There were only a few technical steps which she often used to make mistakes with. Perry wished she could manage to get those right as well, she would then become an exceptionally good dancer. With time and with her hard work and determination Sia got better and better.

Eventually, they both brought out a sizzling chemistry at the dance studio every time they practiced.. Even his cousin Lebin was a proof to their hot dancing chemistry..

Lebin to Perry: I think you are falling for her , dear friend. You guys make an amazing couple. Moreover, you share a lovely emotional bond with her. Why don’t you confess your feelings to her?

Perry: My goal is to win the dance competition. I don’t know what to do Lebin. I do love her but I am not very expressive.

Lebin: It’s natural Perry, give it a shot. Take your time.

9 months pass by

The D – day of the Dance Championship competition was finally arriving

As the date of the competition neared, both Perry and Sia felt nervous but they were confident enough to make way through all the jitters.

Part 8

The International Dance Championship starts.

Round 1

Sia & Perry step onto the stage.

*Camera pans on both*.

Then camera takes a long shot of the crowd and then zooms in on the judges. Camera then shows Perry and Sia taking blessings of God and initiating their dance moves. They dance remarkably well. Sia had made sure to follow Perry`s advise , for most part of the sequence she had shut her eyes and imagined that she was the only one on the stage. This had added to her grace. She had got all the moves right. Perry was very proud of her performance.

Other couples also perform after them.

All of them give an outstanding performance.

Finally, it is time for the results.

Sia holds Perry’s hands in anticipation. He holds her hand even tighter and stronger. They start feeling a very special and strong connection with each other at this time.

The judges announce the results. Sia and Perry jump as their names are announced. The duo get passed the elimination round and reach the quarter final round..

Round 2

The Quarter Final Round:

This time the event was more challenging. The competitors were practicing rigorously and both Sia and Perry felt the pressure of the strong contenders. Though the competition was tough, it was rewarding too. The winner would get a cash price of whopping 10 million dollars, along with a movie contract with a top notch film director of Hollywood.

As per the rule, only top 10 dancers were allowed to reach the Semi Finals.

Perry and Sia’s turn arrives. They look nervous, with sweat trickling down their faces. But Perry instils confidence in Sia.

Perry: Sia, you are doing this for your family who is watching you from heaven, remember that. This is your time so make the most out of it. People don’t get such opportunities again. Live every moment on the stage as if you are going to live it for the last time.

Sia looks at him and feels charged up once again. She shuts her eyes. They start swaying to the music and again give an outstanding performance. This time their undeniable chemistry was visible to all.

They completely take over the crowd. They were exceptionally good and way better than any of the participants.

Part 9

Soon the performance concluded. The Organizers announced the names that had made it to the semi-finals and declared that the next round would take place after 7 days.

With their flawless performance, Perry and Sia reached the Semi Finals.

Along with Perry, his former rival, Martin, too makes it to the semi-finals. Martin was a very strong contender for winning the competition. Martin also happened to be Perry`s ex-girlfreind , Veronica’s brother.

Martin was bowled over by Sia’s performance and wished to see her as his partner.. He was deeply charmed by her beauty too and was very jealous of Perry..

Meanwhile, Perry and Sia decided to celebrate their selection to the Semi-Finals & went out exploring New York..

Perry had decided to propose Sia once they get selected for the semi-finals. He knew this was the right time.

They entered into a lavish restaurant. Sia looked around and said

Sia: There is no one here

Perry: Yes, I have booked the entire restaurant for us

Sia was taken aback. She stared at Perry .

Perry held her hand and finally said,

Perry: Sia, today is a very happy day for me rather us. I want to make it all the more special. I want to take this moment to tell you that I love you.

He goes down on his knees as Sia looks on in utter disbelief.

Sia, will you marry me?

Sia knew Perry loved her. She had felt it a number of times. She loved him too. She knew Perry would propose her some day, but when he actually did, she could not contain her happiness. She wiped her tears of joy that refused to stop.

With a lump in her throat she nodded her head and said, “Yes”.

They cried and hugged each other. They wished the time to stop at this moment as they sunk into each other totally oblivious of anyone and anything.

They had just one dream, to live and dance with each other and for each other till eternity.

Basking in their love for each other they chatted away and had dinner. They decide to get married after the Championship.

Just before midnight they left the restaurant.

As they were walking towards the car, Sia caught the attention of some eve-teasers because of her striking beauty. The eve teasers narrowed the distance between them and started misbehaving with her. They passed some lewd remarks and even blocked her way when she tried walking away towards the car.

Eve teasers: Hey pretty young girl, wanna have some fun?

Sia did not react, with her head bowed down she tried to ignore them.

Eve teasers: Hey shy Indian girl, come here, let yourself loose.

Sia ignores them yet again

Eve teasers try to get close to her and touch her.

Perry was witnessing all this, he gets enraged. He triessa to control his anger , his anger had led him into a lot of trouble previously.

But this mob was shameless & cunning. They continued harassing and teasing Sia

Eve teasers: Hey girl, what are you thinking? Come here, don’t feel shy.

They grab Sia’s arm

This time Perry gets furious and gets into a full blown fight with them

*Action sequence*

The fight gets very intense and since Perry was fighting alone with a group of well-built young goons, he gets injured in the process. One of the eve teasers hits Perry on his head with an iron rod. Perry suffers from a severe head injury and starts bleeding profusely.

Seeing the dreadful injury of Perry, the mob gets scared and flees from the crime scene.

Sia cries aloud and calls Lebin.

Part 10

Sia: Lebin, I need your help. It’s an emergency

Lebin: What’s the matter Sia, you sound tense.

Sia: Perry has been severely injured and is bleeding a lot. He got into a fight with a group of eve teasers and got hit by an iron rod. I need your help immediately to get him to the hospital.

Lebin: Oh my God! I’m coming there Sia. I will get all the necessary medical aid arranged right away. Stay there. Don’t worry, alright? Everything will be fine.

Sia: Starts crying & hangs up

Lebin soon arrives with an ambulance.

They carry Perry to the hospital.

Cut to hospital scene where Perry is lying on a hospital bed in a semi-conscious state.

Sia is holding his hand and sitting by his bedside

Doctor enters

Sia: Doctor, what has happened to Perry? Is everything under control? He isn’t getting up.

Doctor: He has sustained multiple fractures & the head injury has made half of his body paralyzed. I am sorry, that’s the best we could do for him.

Sia was shocked to hear about this state of Perry.

An hour ticks by, Perry regains consciousness and tries to get up. He does not feel any sensation on the left side of his body.

He stares at Sia and leans towards her. He tries to hold her with his left hand but does not feel any sensation in his muscles. He was unable to lift his hand as well.

He feels agitated.

Perry: Sia, I am unable to move my left hand and leg. Help me. What is happening to me? Sia, I can’t move. Sia help me.

Sia hides the fact from him about his paralysis and explains, that because of the anaesthesia his body is still heavy. She convinces him that in a few weeks he would be fit and fine.

Meanwhile, the doctor enters. Perry decides to confront the doctor .

Perry- Doctor, I`m unable to lift judge my left hand and leg

The doctor was totally unaware of the fact that Sia had not revealed anything to Perry

Doctor- Don`t worry young man, with physiotherapy you would be fine again. It takes time but nothing is impossible, fortunately paralysis has effected only one side of your body. You have been very lucky to survive such a fatal attack.

Perry feels devastated & his entire life comes to a standstill. He grieves on his plight & feels miserable about his existence.

He was more concerned for Sia , he wanted her to participate in the competition. He knew she had lived this dream since ages. This thought started killing him .

Part 11

Perry thinks hard and decides to speak to Sia about partnering with someone else as per the rules of the competition.

Perry: Sia, I want you to contact the organizers of the show and check if you can partner with someone else.

Sia: Are you crazy? Why would I do that? I am going to stay here with you. I don’t care about anything else anymore. You are my priority.

Perry: Listen Sia, you have to be strong. You have put in so much efforts to reach the International Dance Competition and now, when you are so close to achieving your dream, how can you give up? I think you should join someone else, find a partner and go ahead with the semi-final round.

Sia: No way, Perry. This is just not happening. I will not participate without you.

Sia was hell-bent to ignore the event and only look after Perry.

Meanwhile, Martin too got the news of his injury. He couldn’t contain his happiness. His biggest competitor and threat from the competition was now out. Moreover, he now had the opportunity of partnering with Sia too. The rules of the game had the flexibility of switching dance partners and teams in some special situation like medical emergency.

Martin immediately decided to make the most of this opportunity. He was not happy with his partner anyways and wanted Sia to partner with him in the next level. He visits Perry in the hospital to wish him speedy recovery and keeps the proposal of partnering with Sia before the other rivals could approach him.

Martin: Hi Perry. I heard about your accident and rushed to meet you. I know we have had our differences in the past but I would like to put the past behind and resurface our friendship. I wish you a speedy recovery bro.

Perry: I am touched today, Martin. I had not expected this at all. I am glad you came to patch up and start our friendship on a fresh note. Thanks for visiting me Martin.

Martin quickly jumps to the point : But what about the competition Perry? The semi-finals are right here. What are you going to do? Your condition looks very serious.

Perry: I know this is a sad state for me Martin. I will not be able to go ahead with the competition. But I am more concerned about Sia. Because of me, she is also stuck now.

Martin quickly clutched this opportunity:

Martin: In that case, I have a proposal for you Perry. Why don’t you ask her to join me in the semi-finals? My partner is also not keeping well, and this would be a good opportunity for both me and Sia to go ahead with the competition. If we win, Sia would get an exceptional launch to her career and acquire international accolades too.

Martin tries hard to convince Perry that if Sia could partner with him, it would be a win-win situation for both of them.

Perry: Thanks for your offer Martin. Even I want Sia to continue with the championship. She has a lot of chances of winning. Let me speak to her on this.

Martin thanks him and leaves feeling happy and hopeful.

Perry knew that it would be difficult for him to convince Sia because she cared for him more than anything in the world. However, he decided that if Sia would not agree, he would purposely hurt her to make her participate in the championship with Martin

Part 12

*Sia comes in with Perry's medicines*

Perry: Sia, I want to talk to you about something serious.

Sia: Yes Perry, sure. What is it, tell me?

Perry: Sia, my dear, I want you to go ahead with the international dance competition without me. I cannot accept the fact that you are compromising on your win after coming so close to the final destination. This has been our dream Sia. Don’t let it go away so easily. We have worked very hard for this. Besides, Martin was here to meet me.

He is open to the idea of you joining him as a partner in the semi-finals of the competition. His partner is also not keeping well and he is on the lookout for a person to complete the pair. This is an amazing opportunity for both of you. Martin is a very strong contestant and you have a bright chance of winning with him if you team up with him.

Martin will be a coach to you just like I have been all this while.

He tried explaining her that this opportunity could be a breakthrough in her career & he would feel very happy to see her win.

Perry: Sia, you should go ahead without me and win this for us. This is a golden opportunity and you should not miss it at any cost, not even at the cost of my life.

But as expected, Sia didn’t agree.

Perry knew that his life had no direction now and he wanted Sia to move on and achieve her dreams.

Part 13

Perry: Listen Sia, I don’t have anything more to teach you. My career in dance is almost over. As you know very well, the doctor has also said that I won’t be able to dance anymore. I have lost my chance of winning the competition but you are my reflection now. In no way, should you be giving up on this dream, especially when you have the talent and capability of achieving it. I am no longer capable of participating in the competition, but you can.

Sia, our training, the time we spent together, the rigorous workouts, the intense training, the travel, everything will go in vain if you back out at the last moment. Don’t do this to yourself and to me. I will live my dream through you.

Please go ahead with Martin and show the world that you can do it!. You have a beautiful, glorious life ahead so take a rational decision Sia. You need the money and fame that this competition can provide. Think about this. Think about us. Think about our dream. C’mon Sia, go ahead my girl and get that trophy.

Sia was very adamant, she did not budge.

Sia: Perry, your health is more important to me than anything else in the world right now. You are in this condition because of me. I am responsible for this condition of yours. And it will be very incorrect of me to leave you like this and go after money and fame. I have full faith that you will resume your good health in a few weeks.

Keep the faith Perry. We will get through this together. And you should not even bring up the idea of me partnering with someone else. I joined this competition to be with you & only you. I am not going to go partner with anyone else. Yes, this competition means a lot to me but I don’t want to win it without you Perry.

Sia continues: Perry, I am what I am today only because of you. I will not participate without you. You are my lifeline, you are my dance master. I will not leave you in this condition and go ahead with the dance competition.

Sia told him loud and clear.

This lead to an argument between them..

Part 14

Perry got very annoyed because they both had put in a lot of efforts to make Sia come to this level . He did not want her ever to lose on such a big opportunity. He continues forcing her to participate in the competition. This time he decides to hurt her.

Perry: Sia, this is the last time I am telling you to go ahead with the competition. If you don’t, I will end my life. You are the reason I am in this pitiable condition today. You came into my life like a bad omen. If you can’t do anything good for me, at least don’t crush my dream like this. If you want me to live, take an oath in my name that you will participate in the championship. Else, don’t you dare show me your face again if you are so hell bent on doing what you feel like. You are not thinking about my wishes and desire. You are indeed a selfish bitch!

Tears rolled down Sia’s cheeks and with no further discussion she left the hospital

Sia realized Perry would not give up on her. She knew Perry wanted to live his dream through her. Now, she was left with no choice but to join Martin. She reluctantly accepted Martin's proposal and partnered with him.

Now, Sia was even more firm on winning the Championship for the happiness of Perry. If she won, a dream world would await her and she could make her teacher cum love proud..

Sia approaches Martin and accepts his proposal. They both start practising for the semi-finals.

Martin was blown away with Sia`s charm and beauty. Her innocence added to her grace.

He had slowly fallen in love with her. He decided to propose her after the dance competition.

*Dance moves of Sia and Martin shown*

Part 15

The day of the semi-final round arrives.

The event started , Sia danced with Martin to her heart's content and for the happiness of Perry. She shut her eyes and imagined Perry by her side. She wanted to win for the love of her life, Perry. She danced like never before.

Sia’s dance left the audience and the judges spell-bound.

The competition soon concluded.

The judges announced the contestants that had made it to the next round, undoubtedly Sia and Martin were one of them. They reached the finals along with the other top 3 contestants.

Sia religiously practised and started preparing for the final round.

The day of the final round of the International Dance Competition arrives.

The Finals round starts. Sia enters the stage with Martin by her side. She looked breath taking in a glittering dress.

Sia knew she had to give more than her best. She missed Perry by her side. She shut her eyes for the last time hoping and praying that this should be her last dance without Perry.

She pulled in a deep breath and danced, she followed each and every tip given by Perry especially, “DANCE LIKE NO ONE IS WATCHING”. She danced gracefully imagining Perry at every step.

Sia and Martin did not just dance but also sizzled on the stage with their chemistry.

Sia sets the stage on fire. The audience and judges were amazed to see how a person could dance so beautifully.. The steps which always seemed tough for her during the practice sessions, she performed those exceptionally well in fact better than any other person could have ever performed. Her performance won accolades from all.

The final moment of recognition arrives.

The panel of judges rise and arrive onto the centre stage.

All the contestants look nervous. The couples hold each other’s hand, awaiting the results with bated breath. Sia and Martin too are among the people eagerly waiting for the results to be announced. The atmosphere gets very tense. The judges take a few moments discussing about how intense the competition was.

The judges ask the audience who their favourite contestant was and the audience shout out a lot of mixed names but Sia’s name is clearly heard in all the loud roars and shouts.

The judges finally get to announce the name of the winning couple.

Part 16

Everyone is nervous. And then they announce that the winners of the International Dance Competition are Sia and Martin. Both of them can’t believe their ears, they rejoice at the call of their names.

Sia jumps on the stage unable to contain her happiness. With tears of joy in her eyes, she hugs Martin and both of them wave at the audience, they take a few moments to thank all the people who encouraged and supported them.

Perry watched Sia dance and bag the trophy on TV. He was elated and overwhelmed on witnessing Sia win.

She was awarded the 10 million dollar prize and a movie contract with a top notch Hollywood Director. When she was called on stage she dedicated the award to her love cum teacher Perry who was the reason for her success..

Sia: This award that I hold in my hand today does not belong to me.

The audience listens to this and feels shocked.

Sia goes on.

Sia: Yes, you all might be feeling what the hell am I saying, but this is true. This trophy belongs to my dance teacher Perry. He is the one who showed immense faith in me and brought me to this level today. I was nothing when I started off, not even a dancer forget a “professional dancer”. Today, he is in hospital, recovering from a major accident and I am here, with our dream trophy in my hand. I can’t thank him enough for being my mentor and teaching me to pursue my passion without giving up.

I am humbled to receive this award for which Perry is the most vital part. He gave me wings to fly, air to breathe and a life to live. I was merely breathing till now but he taught me to live.

Perry watched Sia with pride. He was elated that she could now finally live her dream.

Little did he know that Sia had decided to give up everything to be by his side.

As soon as Sia disembarked the stage the film director whose movie Sia had bagged approached her and offered her to stay back to discuss on the script . He had decided to cast her as the lead actress.

Part 17

She politely declined the movie offer as her love Perry needed her the most at that point of time.

Once the felicitation ceremony concluded Sia rushed to the hospital to see Perry and share her most proud moment with her mentor. Perry was surprised to see her come back so early, he had least expected her, he knew many media houses would have lined up to interview the winners.

Perry hugged her and said

Perry: I`m proud of you Sia, you danced like a dream. Girl, you are my rock. I feel so happy for you. You and Martin make such a good couple.

Sia: All thanks to you Perry. It is only because of you that I could win this trophy.

Perry: No Sia, it’s because of your hard work and determination. By the way how come you are back so early? I`m sure many media houses would have loved to interview you.

Sia: I did not oblige any of them. I wanted to see you and share my happiness with you.

Perry: I`m not running away anywhere Sia, you should not loose out on any opportunity, all these interviews can help you to bag a lot of movie offers as well

Sia- I`m not interested Perry. One of the directors did approach me with an offer, but I declined.

Perry felt sad on hearing Sia`s decision. He did not want Sia to step back on her career because of him, but he knew she would not agree this time. He decided to convince her eventually.

Sia shifted to New York to look after Perry. With her strong determination and with a year of hard work, Sia stood by Perry trying hard to help him recover. But Perry could not recover fully. He still needed support to walk.

Day by day Perry`s frustration was mounting, he was saddened to see Sia wasting her life and career over him. He desperately wanted to see her on the pedestal of success. He was aware Sia would never ever leave his side, he hated the fact of being a burden on her. Though he loved her a lot, he now wanted her to settle with someone else who could give her all the happiness in the world and elevate her career as well.

He thought hard for days together and finally arrived at a decision.

One evening, he called for Martin and chatted with him. He knew Martin had a soft corner for Sia due to which he had still not married. He felt Martin would be the best match for Sia and he would also help in getting Sia`s career back on track.

Martin arrived to meet Perry

Perry straight jumped to the point - “ Martin, I want Sia to move on in life and get settled. She has a beautiful life ahead of her. I want your help.

Martin sadly replies- I don’t know how I can help you. Her life is you, Perry,

Perry thinks for a moment and replies.

“I don`t love Sia anymore. Actually, I never loved her. I have loved only one woman and that is your sister, Veronica”.

Martin feels elated, he could not believe his ears, he somehow felt that now he could convince Sia into marrying him.

Martin - “Is Sia aware of this?, Also, Veronica`s boyfriend dumped her 3 months back. She has shifted here with me in New York for good. She misses you a lot Perry, I`m sure you guys can patch up again”

Perry- Given my current state I don’t think it would be a good idea but yes, I`m planning to meet her. I need to first get this Sia out of my life. She is not yet aware of my plans.

Martin- Veronica has seen the worst in her previous relationship. She would really be happy to patch up with you.

Martin hugs Perry and leaves happily.

Perry dials Veronica`s number and calls for her.

The next day Veronica and Perry meet. They relive their old days and chat for a long time. Meanwhile, Sia enters and greets Veronica. She is surprised to see Veronica.

Veronica- Hi Sia, congrats, you danced really well

Sia: Thanks Veronica

Veronica: Actually, I came in to meet Perry. I heard about his accident.

Sia: Yes, please make yourself comfortable Veronica.

Sia felt a gush of sadness overcome her heart as she saw Veronica and Perry chatting away to glory. Perry had shared with her on their past relationship and how Veronica had been his first love.

Slowly Veronica and Perry`s meetings became a routine affair. Sia felt very hurt at the sudden turn of events. She decides to confront Perry.

Sia- Why does she come here everyday, you`ll have already broken up right?

Perry rudely answered - Sia, she is m ex-girlfriend, my first love. I can’t just ignore her. You can’t be so over possessive about me. I need space.

Sia left his house in a rage.

Perry swallowed hard. He knew he had to be strong to hurt Sia.

She did not come to meet him for a couple of days.

Though Perry missed her he did not contact her at all.

Sia could no longer keep herself from seeing Perry, she dialled Perry and informed him that she would come to meet him.

Sia reached Perry`s house a little before midnight. She was shocked to find Veronica at his bedside.

Veronica- Hi Sia, I was passing by hence thought of dropping in to check on Perry.

Sia stared at them in rage.

Veronica : Since you are now here to take care, I`ll leave.

Once Veronica left Sia confronted Perry again

Sia: What is going on Perry, tell me the truth .

Perry: I was about to tell you Sia. Veronica is my first love. Though I did love you but I could never forget Veronica. I`m sorry Sia, but Veronica and me are a couple and we would soon marry each other.

Sia`s world came crashing down, she wipes her tears and angrily replies

“You are a creep, you ruined my life!!”.

She cried aloud and left his house.

Perry now decides to make himself strong and never call Sia back again.

Months pass by.

Meanwhile, Martin tries his level best to convince Sia to accept his marriage proposal but Sia denies.

Martin decides to meet Perry again in the hope of finding a solution.

Martin reaches Perry`s house and reveals on how Sia is still adamant on not moving on

Martin- I have proposed to her so many times but she does not agree

Perry- I think she is still hoping for me to get back with her.

Martin- Yes, that is what I think, why don’t you and Veronica get married? I`m sure Sia will then accept the truth and sort her life. I really love her Perry, please help me.

Martin folds her hands and pleads.

Perry- Don’t worry I will do whatever it takes to see you guys happy and together.

Perry knew Veronica still loved him and would agree for marriage as well, but given his health, he did not want to be a burden on Veronica as well.

He thought hard for days together and decided to call Veronica. He knew that this was the only way to get Sia and Martin back together.

A fortnight later, Perry and Veronica`s wedding was eventually finalized. Sia was heartbroken. She even receives the wedding invitation card from Perry.

Perry and Veronica had planned for a private ceremony at Perry`s house itself. They had invited only a few friends.

Perry had sent Martin with the card

Martin: Sia, I understand how you must be feeling, but you must move on. Love is all about seeing your partner happy even if he chooses to be with someone else. Veronica and Perry have loved each other since ages.

Sia wipes her tears and says

Sia- You are right Martin. Perry has indeed moved on. His happiness is very important to me. Maybe we were not destined to be together. I will definitely attend his wedding and wish them luck.

Soon Martin, Veronica, Lebin and Perry get busy with the wedding preparations.

Lebin could gauge many times that Perry was not emotionally ready for the marriage but he felt with time things would be fine.

Perry chose a beautiful wedding gown for Veronica. He had always imagined Sia in a similar wedding gown. He was looking forward to this wedding in the hope of seeing Sia happy with Martin thereafter.

Finally the wedding day arrived, Perry was all set to welcome Veronica as his wife. His eyes were searching for Sia, he wanted her to witness his wedding so that it could be easier for her to move on. Lebin stood by his side as his best man. They waited patiently for the bride to arrive.

After a long wait the bride arrived. A white veil covered her face. The crowd applauded as the bride joined Perry on the make shift stage that was built for the wedding.

Perry looked around for Sia, he was sure she would come. He knew that for Sia his happiness was very important, and since she was convinced Veronica was his happiness, she would definitely want to see him married to her.

His eyes fell on the parking lot and he spotted her car. He immediately looked away, he now knew she was amongst the attendees, he did not have the heart to face her.

The couple took the wedding vows. It was now time for the bridegroom to kiss his bride. Perry shut his eyes as tears filled. He knew this was finally the end of his and Sia`s journey. He was solely responsible for this brutal end to their love story, but he had to do it for his Sia. With a heavy heart, he hesitantly lifted her veil and froze.

He saw Sia standing in front of him as his bride. Even before he could come to terms with reality Sia raised herself and kissed him.

Sia looked into his eyes and said - Now we are husband and wife.

Perry looked around total shocked, he saw Veronica chatting with Martin and smiling gleefully.

The wedding concludes and the handful of guests bless the couple .

Sia- Perry, Lebin, Veronica and Martin told me everything, how you planned this fake wedding. You planned to call a few fake attendees and play this drama of a staged wedding with Veronica. Who gave you the right to decide my destiny. We are destined to be together.

Perry is shell shocked he stares at the Priest.

Sia- Don’t worry, this Priest is a genuine one. This wedding is as pure as our love for each other.

Perry and Sia stare at each other as tears filled their eyes. The crowd applauded to the reunion of two souls bound with true love for each other.

Perry had convinced Veronica for the staged wedding. Veronica was moved with his love for Sia and decided to help him.

Lebin was instrumental in getting Perry and Sia together. He had gradually convinced Veronica and Martin that Perry and Sia were made for each other and they loved each other madly. Martin and Veronica had already sensed this. They decided to reveal the truth to Sia and reunite the couple.

That’s how the love story of Sia and Perry was sealed into a Wedding.

Sia and Perry celebrated love each day. With pure love and dedication Sia not only helped Perry back on his feet but also brought him back to the dancing arena. This time, she became his dance master, helped him get back to his form and expertise. They again started practicing together regularly and participated in many more grand events. Do you know what the outcome was? Their spirits got a great boost as they kept winning each time.

When you put your heart and soul to something, winning is just a formality!

True love is capable to forego any boundaries.

Happy Beginning!

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