What I Sacrificed...

What I Sacrificed...

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This was Sunday morning. I woke up late since my exams were finished on Saturday. Papa was sitting with my mother and was discussing something.

“Go brush your teeth and have some cup of tea”, he said looking at me with a smile.

I stood up and brushed my teeth and found that my sister was not at home. My mother served me tea and my father came near me and sat beside me. I looked at my father, “finish your tea I have something important to tell you”, he said.

I finished my tea and then he started telling me. 'Me and your mother have decided that you along with your sister are going to Kota.'

“Your company transferred you there?” I questioned.

“No, I will be here and you, your sister and your mother are going there for your and your sister's higher studies”, he said.

“Me and Supriya can continue my studies here also”, I replied.

“You are going to prepare for IITJEE and your sister will be preparing for AIPMT”, he said.

“ What is IITJEE?”, I asked.

“You will be doing Engineering after your 12th”, he answered.

“I have just given my 8th class exams papa”, I resisted.

What did I sacrifice to clear a major exam?



Family functions

Was not able to meet my nani (maternal grandmother) for five long years. I had never gone home during my summer vacations so was not able to meet her.


My coaching class was at 6:30 am and I go to bed around 2 o’clock in night.

Had back pain

My coaching class was of 8 hours and after coming home I used to study for 8–10 hours, so total of 16–18 hour of seating per day, which used to cause backache.

Heavy Diets made me feel sleepy.

Became weak

Was not able to lift heavy objects.

Entertainment - there was no T.V in our house and none of my family members had a smartphone.

Was not enjoying my life anymore

Seeing people having fun made me sad.

Was depressed just before my 12th board exams.

My depression continued for 7 months and wasted all my hard work, ruined my parent's dreams.

Cleared JEE MAINS but was not able to crack JEE ADVANCED.

Now I am in IIIT Bhubaneshwar and enjoying my college life.

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