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Behind The Shades
Behind The Shades

© Shivangi Jain


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It was sunny, pretty warm outside. Trees had started shedding their leaves. He woke up and got ready to go to school. He knew that things weren’t pretty fair at his part but still he had a hope of a new start, he believed that somewhere down the aisle things are waiting to hold right and he will reach their sooner or later. Every fine morning was a kindle of a rejuvenated hope, a desire, a belief that things aren’t as they are meant to be. He picked up his bicycle and off to face a new gloomy day he was. School was normal, lectures came and went and he sat there by the window doodling in his register. Sketching out a vision that he often did, a hut in the corner of woods, a river flowing by, birds chirping in their nests and the world enveloped in the blue hue of sky. His thoughts interrupted, there came a thunderous noise, something collapsed and as he opened his eyes there he was all alone in the darkness. As he came to consciousness he realized it was all but a dream, a dream that he strongly urged to become the reality. Disturbing his solitude again, the noise became even more persistent, he knew this was it. He sat their holding his legs in his hands, quite in the darkness, thinking that she wouldn’t find him, poor soul he didn’t know that devil’s got sparkle in their eyes, a treacherous glare that could snatch even an ounce of innocence from the circle around. He refused to hold his head up high, she caressed him first and then took him by his hairs, he cried and cried for help, some creatures out their wailed too but they couldn’t help him because they were incapable of understanding what was happening. She slapped him hard and got him undressed; she put off her clothes too. She threatened him in the name of his loved ones, he knew that there was no point voicing his pain that there was no human soul to hear. She used him as an object to quench her thirst, she knew he was helpless and so she went on merciless. Tears dropped down his eyes and dried up after sometime because even they were terrified to be a part of the happenings. She forced herself on him for one last time, he laid their motionless and finally the suffering ended. She drew herself up and he could see her fade away in the grey. He spent the rest of the time thinking of what was happening to him, why was it happening to him and at the end he would still hope that things would come to an end. There he lived in the dark reality looking forward to an uncertain happy time that he knew was coming for him. He thought of running away but he didn’t know where to head to because he had tried several times but the gates opened in a never ending deserted plain. Added if she came to know about the escape trial, she would beat him hard, tie him up and serve him worst. And still he was certain that someday the blinds will be removed, that someday he would exists for real...


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