Story Of Pain

Story Of Pain

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A boy who dreamt to see the happiness in their parents left his dreams & love for them. He got settled in a job which he didn't like though he moulded to it quickly. But like an Indian weather which is unpredictable his father had brain surgery and almost went to coma. He struggled to help his father and pass the assessment with intense pressure.

After completion of training he applied for transfer and provided medical certificates of his father. At first they acted as good and gave transfer along with that a 3 days leave to see his father, that innocent boy believed them and went to home town to see his father. After coming from home they allocated him in a project without his confirmation and when he asked about the process of transfer they were like who the heck are you and who gave you the transfer.

Father was in happy and thinking that boy will take care of him, boy thought I can see my dad back to healthy man but everything changed. When he obeyed everything as a good employee he lost his father after a month. Everyone consoled him and higher officials gave him long leave who rejected his transfer and played a double game. Now he is in good position in his company but he was not happy because he was sitting on the tomb of his father not on project manager post.

He was having everything in his pocket but he don't have a smile on his lips. Everyone enjoying the job he was guilty of his job, everyone was happy with their parents he was cursing himself for his sin. Every software engineer is not happy with salary, there are many untold stories of their tears & sacrifices to have that position. A boy lost his father because of some idiotic higher officials who don't have heart to feel the pain.

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