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Peaceful Life
Peaceful Life

© Swati Tyagi


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Human: the strangest being on planet. We keep demanding a peaceful life, but our actions say we have something against it.

Karthik was sitting in his living room, pondering about, what went wrong. He had everything a man could wish for but peace. Each time he saw a peaceful life ahead, something turned his world upside down.

With a job and decent salary, he got married and the couple was ready to welcome their happily ever after. Things couldn’t get better, so they got worse. There were personality clashes, fights, adjustment issues. Blissful life became a roller coaster ride.

After a couple of years, they finally developed mutual understanding and experienced eternal love. Life was blissful once again. Now, this was the perfect time to see their love grow in front of them. So, a baby came in, a true bundle of joy. Sleep deprivation, baby blues, life became tiring.

Things settled down again and they got used to be around this tiny human being. They started making some future plans. Time came for investment and a home was bought. Home loan was another problem to deal with.

“Dinner is ready”, his wife called. Karthik walked towards kitchen, consoling himself, no one gets everything. Maybe that is why I couldn’t get peace of mind.

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