A Sultry Morning Of Relief

A Sultry Morning Of Relief

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It was a sultry morning in Kolkata. Santa, had to take the bus at 8.30 am to South Kolkata. She was scheduled for an interview at 10 am. She reached the bus depot, to figured out the bus going towards her route. The buses stranded in a line. She saw a bus conductor, and asked, "where is bus no 221". The conductor, immediately responded," its in the last one towards your left". She said, thanks! The conductor smiled, "never mention, hope all is well now, sorry to hear about the unfortunate incident". Santa, grinned and moved ahead.

It has been 6 months, that she went out after the sudden demise of Kunal, her husband. She was in her early thirties, and at this age she just lost all interest in life. Just that, last week, she got a call from the firm, where Kunal worked, asking if she would be interested to take up a job, she thought of going for the interview.

The bus was almost full, however there was a seat available at the back. She moved towards it and occupied the window seat. The bus honked and started. While it was about to leave the the depot and hit the road, a young man waived his hand to requesting it to stop. He jumped and got into it,and came and sat just next to Santa. He was a handsome man in his early twenties, with a fair complexion, good height, and a lean body. Had dark circle around his eyes, and few wrinkles on the forehead. Seems he smoked before he got into the bus. Santa felt a little discomfort, but then she did not express.

The sudden gush of wind because to the movement of the bus, was a much relief. Few strands of her wavy straight hair dangled on her face. Santa, looked out of the window. The roads, shops, people, every nook and corner of the street had some memories of her and Kunal together. The bus stopped at the traffic signal at the crossover. She saw the ATM at the corner and her mind traversed back.

It was a Saturday evening, Kunal and Santa were schedule for a movie. Kunal stopped, the car in front of the ATM, and said,

Kunal: "I need to withdraw cash".

Santa:"Are you sure, its a huge que, and I don't want to miss the movie".

Kunal sight and went out to que up. These days there were frequent fights between the two. Their marriage just stepped in the forth year. Kunal got into a new project, and seemed very busy with his marketing strategy to launch the new project, with late nights and frequent travel. This got him some health hazards too. He have suddenly put on weight. Have been complaining of chest pain sometimes. However Santa's attempt of taking him to the Doctor was futile, as he would often avoid giving lame excuses.

Santa, missed him terribly, often thinking, does he love her the way he used to. He had his assignments then also. Kunal's mobile blinked. It was a watsap message. Santa turned her face towards the window, suddenly the word "divorce" in the message struck her. She picked the mobile to read it.

It was from some Mukul. And it read:

"Kunal I am going for a divorce, cant take it anymore. We applied for it today. Its on mutual ground.

At least you are there with me. Don't know what I would have done without you. Am going to my parents home tonight. Can you meet me today? Really need you."

Santa went numb. All these days, Kunal was always on his mobile. "Is he having an affair. Oh God! Late nights, frequent calls. Why did this never occur to me before?" Her mind ached.

Just then the door opened, Kunal was back with his usual smile. Santa, I want to treat my wife today with her favorite pop corn and ice cream. And you know they don't accept card many time. So do not want to take chance. Santa gave him a blank look. She was quite. They reached the movie hall. Kunal's mobile blinked. It was Mukul. "Please reply". He read the message.

He looked at Santa, and said. Am sorry, there is an urgent client's call. I need to rush to the office. Santa was devastated.

He dropped her home, and moved. She sobbed sobbed and sobbed, and never realized when she slept. Next morning she woke up to find Kunal next to her sleeping. Santa wanted to confront him. She called him. He did not respond.Tried again and tried, but no response.

The Doctor said, it was a heart attack, around 4 AM he passed away.

Santa, took a deep breadth, her eyes were filled with tears, thinking Kunal left her before he passed away, then why can't her memories leave her. She wants to live a new life, but she loved him a lot. She just cant let go of her feeling, missing him every moment.

The gentleman, sitting next to her saw, the tears rolling down her face. He said Santadi, please don't cry. Santa looked at him with surprise. "Do I know you?"

"No you don't, but I knew your husband well. We use to travel together in this bus everyday. Kunalda, was a great friend. He loved you a lot. He always use to put your photo on his mobile, and look at your picture through out the journey. Anyway, I was out of station for last six months. Got to know about his death yesterday. Cant express how I am feeling. Anyway got to go, as I have get down at the next stoppage."

Santa looked at him and he waived her bye, Oh I forgot! My name is Mukul.

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