The Plan That Turns Awkward!

The Plan That Turns Awkward!

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I live in the world of movies. I imagine things to happen the same way to happen in reality.

I don't know if you guys know about the show Dill Mill Gaye, I was a fan of this show. No matter what happens this was on the top list to watch. No matter what exam I had tomorrow, I watched this show. Not only watching discussing what happened on the show with friends during the break time in college was more of a trend and routine.

The story was about Doctors who work as interns and are best friends. They fall in love at work and spend the most romantic time in the hospital canteens and even inside the operation theatres.

The best scene was the one where the female actress is about to leave and go away from the male actor due to a fight and when she moves away suddenly the Dupatta of her gets hooked somewhere and she feels that the boy must have held it to not let her go and when she turns back she finds not to be him.

I decided to try this, I am not a big fan of Dresses but just to try this, I got a beautiful dress and I decided to break up with my boyfriend. I went to meet him, had a fight, said we are done and was leaving the place. I turned around and wished the same scene to happen. It doesn't, I would turn back again to the chair on which I attached a nail so that my Dupatta should get hooked up in it. After three attempts I still failed. My boyfriend kept looking why I was turning back again and again. He then said well, he needs another chance. I tried to turn once again saying that I will not give him any chance and flew my Dupatta around the nail. I was standing too close to the chair to try this and guess what, instead of my Dupatta, I had my Salwar getting stuck into the nail and it got a whole and it was torn, I couldn't wear that dress ever after and that was the costliest dress that I bought just to create the scene.

This is what it turned out to be.

Well, this is just the fiction. Don't try this in real, it never happens..If you try, I am sure it will not happen.

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