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Dr. Google Is Scary
Dr. Google Is Scary

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“Amniotic fluid appears to be excess.” Doctor said during scan

I had no idea what increased levels of amniotic fluid means. Therefore, I did my research on Omni knowing and omnipresent Dr. Google. Needless to say, I ended up grief stricken half an hour later.

We were in tears, the day we received my report. It said amniotic fluid shouldn’t exceed 16, mine was 23.25. I rechecked with Dr. Google who confirmed, something is wrong with my baby. Either I have gestational diabetes or there is some problem with the baby’s kidney or throat or the worst of all: mentally challenged.

“In 50% cases we never figure out the reason. For now, we will check your blood sugar levels.” My doctor suggested.

Blood sugar was normal, which meant one of the other scary possibilities can be true. We started to prepare for the worst. We cried and consoled each other. Rest of my pregnancy was under some cloud. We were scared about our baby and our life ahead.

After 40 weeks, I gave birth to a healthy baby girl. We were the happiest people on the planet, in that moment. I was still worried about her mental health; that cloud lifted in a month for me and almost 7-8 months for my husband.

I made a mental note of never visiting Dr. Google again, until I had to because my daughter had a temperature of 100.5 degrees.

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