The Nomadic

The Nomadic

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The moment I stood in the wilderness I felt alive. I had a reason to celebrate. I was standing on the finest line of knowing and unknowing, surviving and living and in between life and death. Everything that I knew was insignificant, everything that I learnt so far seemed irrelevant, every layer of my identity I was coated in seemed like an illusion. At that moment I was just a man. I cried. As every tear fell on the ground I felt the purest of the purest breeze alkalizing my soul. I realized the story of life on this beautiful blue spot was much more significant than me, it was a deep process built on complex relationships and inter-connectivity . I felt like a caveman exploring a world filled with magic and wonders which only a greater wisdom could comprehend and sustain. I felt naked and I was comfortable being naked.

The world of man only taught me to mask my core so that I felt normal and belonged, I was told that everything I need is not within but outside my reach and the entire purpose of life is to possess. The entire system was built to destroy the caveman in me and civilizing me to a world of singular vision and concrete jungle. I was schooled to lose my creativity, I was nothing more than numbers and laminated papers that I was made to believe as an achievement. My spirit was tamed so that I don’t question and cause inconvenience to myself or to any other and as a return gift the system made me feel divine inside the walls and I was nothing but a machine with thick layer of skin and paint. For a long time, I actually believed this is how life is meant to be; love your family, love your religion, love your country and keep celebrating life by over consuming without any regrets.

Wilderness made me realize how small and yet significant I am. Simple yet so complex. It keeps me breathing; what is more important than that? Life is meant to be simple, life is meant to be lived part-taking in the circular movements of the greater wisdom, life is found in awareness and in light. We were born complete, we were designed to spend our entire life in a garden, we were designed to live in tribes and appreciate our differences with oneness. What is more beautiful than the dirt and living with the trees? What is more precious than the air we breathe and the water we drink?

What is more fulfilling than being in the present and hoping for the rains? What a joy it is to be a part of an evolutionary past that we share with the complex systems of life. This ecological crisis we are facing is a reflection of our disconnectedness; it is all symbolic of what we have forgotten and what we have become. The narrative has to change, it is changing, I can feel it within. Bhoomi was a start and in it I will be become and unbecome. In it I will be and I will live on forever, till then I will find solace in nomadic journey of infinite possibilities within and find freedom and happiness in the world of wilderness.

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