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The Mysterious Dream (Memes)
The Mysterious Dream (Memes)

© Farhan Alam


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It was a very tiring day. I had brushed my teeth and had gone to sleep. As always I had a dream but not just any dream, a very peculiar one.


In that dream, I find myself walking down a random street. It didn't even have a name. There were sirens ringing and making loud sounds. I could not hear anything (except the siren). The sky was suspiciously red (hmmmmmm......). While looking up into sky, I saw a plane and it had dropped something. The locals were screaming, “It’s a bomb!runnnn...............!!!!". Everyone started to run. Even I started to run like I never ran before(Even though I knew it was a dream, I still ran). The bomb hit the ground and there was a loud scream. So many things were happening that I don't even remember the sequence of the happening. But I am pretty sure it happened like this- bomb hits ground ----->someone screams, “WHAT THE......" -----> *explosion*.


After that ends, I wake up with someone waking me up and telling me to ‘Get moving. He is coming'(YEP. Still in the dream). After I get up, I say, "Hey what happened?". He replies, “No time to explain. Follow me." so I say, "OK". Turns out I am being chased by a monster. I start running towards a window to jump out of it. I reach the window when the other guy said, “No! Don't jump out the window(Oops. Too late). I get blasted into the air when I hit the ground(Physics, where are you when we need you?). I end up in outer space and wake up while gasping. I take a look around and slap myself to make sure I am not in a dream(I am not).

And that my reader is THE END.(For now)

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