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Blue Ticks
Blue Ticks

© Nikunj Patel

Drama Thriller Tragedy

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"I miss you brother...!", she messaged with heart-shape emojis.

"Aww…! Out of the blue how come you remembered me? Filthy-toothy!" , he sent laughing mockery emojis to irritate her.

She crushed her teeth in a mild anger, and typed, "Terrible stench from the factory reminded me of you, farter!!", she sent a heap of laughing emojis to revenge for her mockery.

"Hahaha… it's not funny…", he sent a rolling eyes emoji.

"Really, your fart's stink comes till here, Gobar Gas!”, she sent a heap of laughing emojis.

He sent an angry red face emojis with blowing steam from the nose and immediately went offline.

Five minutes later, she sent a message, "Sorry Bhaiya... I was just Kidding... don’t be sulky…" she sent a sad face emoji.

Half an hour later, she got really worried when her apologizing message did not get blue ticks.

She called him 2-3 times and sent a voice message, even then he didn’t pick-up the calls.

Four minutes later the call came from his phone number.

An unknown person said in a fearful voice, “Hello, this is a number of this guy named, Rohit. He has been hit by a car while crossing the road. If you are a relative or a friend, please come to Sanjeev Hospital immediately! He is admitted to the emergency room there. Get out immediately! His condition is serious!"

Her heart skipped a beat and her mind wasn’t ready to accept what she heard from the phone.

* * *

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