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The Great Indian Drama
The Great Indian Drama

© Gargee Baruah


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Religion A: I am mighty. I will rule.

Religion B: I am mightier. You fool.

Religion A: This is our land.

Religion B: Yes, even we will see, we too will play.

Religion C and D: (frustrated and confused) well, we have to vote for somebody at least.

Religion A goes back home, sits in the drawing room.

Religion A: Z, fetch me some water. I am thirsty, had a heated debate today.

Z: A ji, I have my periods today. Am I allowed in the kitchen?

Religion A: No, let Y get it then.

Y: Papa, I can’t. I am playing with N. He got chapati and chicken in his tiffin from L Aunty. He’s sharing it with me and it’s delicious. Do you want to taste?

Religion A: You moron, don’t you know N is from the lowest strata of our society and the scriptures have it written on them. How can I have chicken from his tiffin? It is a sin, you moron. Go, take a bath! My son is a curse to his own father!

Religion B reaches home after attending his prayer session at the place of worship. He calls out to X to serve lunch for the family. X hurries to get the lunch served.

Religion B: What is this, why haven’t you covered your head properly? Is this some fashion show like the apes from the West engage in?

X: Sorry! (covers her head)

In the meantime, W enters and greets Religion B.  She has a doll in her hand.

Religion B to W: What is that in your hand? Who gave it to you?

W: (giggles happily) Isn’t she pretty? My friend P gave it to me today. You know he has a lot of these kinds of pretty dolls. I went to his birthday at his place today and we played a lot. I am so happy!

Religion B: Is this what I have taught you so far? You don’t even offer your prayers these days and now, you play with such things? What kind of clothes is that doll wearing, such short skirts? You want to be like that doll and bring sin upon us all? What kind of friend is that P, he plays with dolls and he has no identity! An abomination to the parents, I pity those parents!

W: (breaks into tears and looks at Religion B’s face with so many questions in her mind, while holding the doll close to her heart).

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