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Inspirational Tragedy

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But I don't want to marry now dad, Shilpa slammed the door and left for her job.

Her father was worried about how to convince her as soon as possible as he knew he would die soon because of cancer.

But why dear? His father asked again.

Because I have my career ahead and I don't want to waste it by marrying someone now, she repeated.

But you could continue your job after marriage also, he said.

No, I have seen a lot of people leaving their dream job and turning into a housewife after marriage, she replied.

But they are nice people, they will let you continue your job after marriage. And you know very well that I'm going to die soon so before I take my last breath I want to see you settled, he pleaded.

You are not going anywhere, stop talking this nonsense, she replied.

But this is my last wish, then only I will die in peace, he pleaded again.

Okay fine but remember I will not continue my marriage if they try to ruin my career, she declared.

They won't, I will take care of that, he replied happily.

Finally, the marriage took place and it was time to say goodbye. Her father handed a photo album to her groom. While they were on to way to the hometown her groom opened the album. The first was of the day when she was born followed by the first day of school, college, job and many more priceless moments. He understood what her father was trying to say through the album and promised her that he would always stand with her decisions.

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