Jamila -Part 7

Jamila -Part 7

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 I went back to my bed, pondering on where I had seen those bangles. Then I remembered it had been in Hyderabad when my grandparents had come and stayed with us – a few months back. During their visit grandmother and mother had gone shopping and had taken us along since there was no one to look after us at home And it was then that grandmother had bought these beautiful bracelets. I had heard her tell mother, “it is for Javed …”

I was puzzled. Surely men didn’t wear bracelets! Then Sohail who had been restless and bored in the jewelers shop, picked up a bracelet and slid his little hand into it .

Grandmother had immediatly pulled off the bracelets rebuking him , “Chi. Boys don’t wear bracelets.”

“ Then , why are you buying for uncle ?” I asked

She and mother had chuckled .”Not for him.” grandmother had clarified , “It is for his bride to be .”

 “Is uncle getting married? When?” Sohail asked .

“ When we find a nice girl for him . We are looking for a suitable girl.”

 I presumed that they were still looking for one as I had not heard anything about uncle’s marriage plans . And when I saw those bracelets around Jamila’s wrists I was baffled?

The next morning I was surprised to see that Jamila wasn’t wearing the bracelets . Two days later, early in the morning, I was taken back to see a teary eyed Jamila packing her belongings. She was going to my grandfather's cousin's house, to assist the old lady. Before she left, she came to me and handed a pouch saying

"Please give this to your uncle and don't mention it to anyone." Her eyes were pools of misery.

I opened the pouch .In it were the gleaming bracelets. When I gave it to uncle, his hands were shaking, and his eyes were moist.

 Bina Bi said Jamila had stolen grandmother's bangles and that is why she was sent away. Indignant at the false accusation I was tempted to inform her of the facts, but young as I was I realized the complexity of the situation and kept silent Some days later my parents returned from Haj and in the general bonhomie of welcoming them, the whole episode was forgotten. We soon returned to Hyderabad and I never met Jamila again. Some time later ,I heard that she was married to some unknown person and had gone to stay in a place far away.

And after all these years, Jamila was here. How did she know about uncle's death...? Who could have informed her?    

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