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Born To Live Together Forever
Born To Live Together Forever

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“When thy eyes meets mine
The magic in the moment
Turns out to be like a hangover
After drinking a peg of red wine”

Nishita Vij was dressed in a beautiful black color ball gown for the party.

Nishita utters the aforementioned words to Dr. Sahul Mehra as soon as he held her bare hands and his fingers curved around hers, they were happy enjoying their dance. But, the dance was just her pleasant dream as Sahul hasn’t yet arrived at the small party, Nishita organized as her book was launched, at Hotel Skylark, Jaipur, where she invited her long-time best friend Bhaavi and her love Sahul.

It was in Nishita’s dreams that she thought Sahul had arrived in the party, and she had said,

"No…I don’t like to drink anything!!!
But I wish I could share the first sip of my morning coffee daily with you… for the rest of my life!!!
No, I don’t like to eat anything!!
But I wish I could share the last bite of my birthday cake every year with you for the rest of my life!!
No, I don’t like to sleep!!!
But I wish I could sit lying my head on your shoulder with my eyes closed........and go still for the rest of my life
But I wish I could sit laying my head on your shoulder with my eyes closed.
And go still at that moment, for the rest of my life!!"

But it was just a dream that she has seen, and Sahul had still not made it to the party. Though Nishita’s love Sahul hasn’t yet arrived until now, Bhaavi, her best friend did make it to the big event. Both of them greeted each other.

“It has been a very long,” she said, hugging Bhaavi, “I am glad that you came today, I am very happy.”

Bhaavi and Nishita got seated at the party having dinner together and having a great time together.

“I want to hear about your love life, about the most amazing person in your life, Sahul,” said Bhaavi smiling, “So tell me Nishita.”

“I met him at Hotel Geetanjali Place, Jaipur,” blushed Nishita, “It was my 10th class batch mate Natasha Kapoor’s birthday party.”

“I was very happy to meet Sahul, never could I believe that I would love him deeply since then,” said Nishita with a smile.

“We started dating,” said Nishita with a sweet blush, “And I experienced some of the best moments with him.”

“It was a rainy day in the month of June, Sahul called me up to meet me at Hotel Seven Square at Jaipur,” Nishita smiled, “I went to accompany him.”

“On reaching the Hotel Seven Square, Sahul greeted me with a hug and kissed me on the forehead. He told me about his past as to about his life and about his career. It was such a pleasant surprise for me that one of my 10th class batch mates was his colleague at his place o work where he started his job at. I was happy to know about that. I asked him about his current place of work, 'I am at present working at City Hospital,' replied he with a smile.

'This is a lovely coincidence, my daddy knows the founder of City Hospital, B.L. Agarwal,' I said.

Sahul was surprised to know this, 'Wow! Good to hear that from you,' he replied.

'I am in love with you Nishita, I hope you would never leave me,' said Sahul then kissing me on the lips."

'For unloving you,
Please don’t force me to!!!!!
You ought to know by now,
Loving you was the ultimate reason,
For which I was born too!!'

“I am happy for you Nishita,” said Bhaavi, “you are very lucky dear.”

“Yeah Bhaavi, you are right,” blushed Nishita.

“So your fever of being a fan of John Abraham has eventually come to an end. I still remember that all your social accounts had the username that read 'JohNishitAbraham',” laughed Bhaavi, “you were that crazy if you remember!”

Nishita and Bhaavi couldn’t control their laughter over this when Bhaavi recalled that moment.

“It was Sahul’s birthday when I thought of surprising him, I called him up to wish him and he asked me to meet at Mc Donald’s,” said Nishita with a smile to Bhaavi, “so I went there with a cake to celebrate his birthday.”

 “As soon as I reached McDonald’s, I discovered that Sahul had booked it for us two only and no other customer was to be seen over there. I went up to Sahul and hugged him tightly saying, 'I am in love with you, I wish you would never leave me.'

'I’ll not Nishita. I promise I will never leave you.' Sahul replied placing a gentle kiss on my hand. His kiss made me shiver deep inside that day and so I hugged him as tightly as I could. We got seated, holding my hands he blew the candles on the cake and had cut the birthday cake. I came close to him to give him the first piece of cake in his mouth and he pulled me closer to him holding my hand so that I didn’t hesitate in doing so. Finally I put the first piece of cake in his mouth with a broad smile on my face,” blushed Nishita, “I was so happy that day,” said Nishita to Bhaavi.

“Feeding him the first piece of cake I felt happy and relaxed as well. I had gifted Sahul a piece of paper that read,

'Sahul, you are the special person of my life, whom I
Am longing to get married to. The most amazing person who
Has always supported me in all the
Unpleasant and dark conditions of my
Life, directly or indirectly.'

Sahul was on the verge of crying after reading this, I came closer to him and hugged him tightly and said, 'You are an awesome person, your eyes should not be filled with tears but with a shine.'

'Thank you Nishita, I am blessed to have you in my life.' Sahul replied in tears.

'I will always be with you whenever you need me,' I replied kissing his forehead,” said Nishita to Bhaavi with a huge smile at her face.

“We went to visit Jal Mahal after that and Sahul asked me about my lovely dream.

‘On to the road of a rainy day
Three magical words
To special person of my life
I yearn to say.’

Sahul gave me a tight hug after listening to this and placed a gentle kiss on my forehead.

‘It’s getting late, I think I must take a leave now,’ I said.

‘Good night, take care.’

‘Okay then, do call me up when you reach home.’ Sahul replied worriedly.

‘Yes, I will call you up as soon as I reach home’ I said.

I came back home feeling tired and I slept that day.” Nishita said to Bhaavi.

“Everything was going well between us but then one day I called up Sahul’s ex-girlfriend and asked her to stay away from Sahul,” said Nishita with a guilt to Bhaavi.

“Sahul got angry at me and also started laughing over this matter saying I was foolish to take this step without prior discussion with him. I made Sahul recall that even he had asked his friend to call me up and say that his friend knows me,” said Nishita to Bhaavi.

“Bhaavi also couldn’t stop her laughter at listening to this from Nishita. “Very good,” she said, patting Nishita’s back. “Who the hell asked you to do this great work?”

“Yeah, I know I was wrong, but then I was guilty about the same, simultaneously.” Nishita exclaimed.

“Since then, Sahul is not in touch with me,” said Nishita in tears to Bhaavi, “but I know everything will be fine soon.”

“It was then, that I discovered I am diabetic,” said Nishita, “but I tried to convince Sahul and informed him about the same, since he was very angry on me, he did not believe me and thought I was lying.” Nishita said and buried her face in Bhaavi’s shoulder, sobbing.

“I have bought my diabetes reports with me, Bhaavi.” Nishita said showing her reports to Bhaavi.

“Nishita, your diabetes is not in control as per the reports,” exclaimed Bhaavi.

“Dear friend Bhaavi, that’s the reason; I am skipping my regular doses of medicine since I am not in touch with Sahul because of my silly mistake,” said Nishita, “and this is the reason, my diabetes is still not in control.”

“The day my daddy discovered that I am not taking my medicines, he had also rebuked me and said, 'I purchase these medicines from chemist’s shop to get you cured of diabetes, and you are skipping your regular doses.'” Nishita said to Bhaavi broken down in tears completely.

And this was that pretty moment; Sahul entered the party and heard Nishita saying this to Bhaavi. He came towards Nishita and asked her to stand, he then pulled her closer to him and hugged her tightly and said, “Why didn’t you inform this to me?”

“I love you Nishita, please forgive me, for I overreacted at your silly mistake and did not believe you. I never thought that you would just fall in love with me to that extreme. Now promise me that you will never skip your medicines and will take on regular basis as per the doctor’s prescription,” said Sahul to Nishita kissing her forehead and said,

"Once a Husband asks his wife… …..
Till how far will you love me.. even though I hurt you so much..???????
Then these were the words of the wife to her husband in reply……:):)
'How Far I asked How Far???
Replied she with a smile,
As Long as the wine bottles will be kept
For Selling In Any Damn Bar  !!!!!'”

Nishita hugged Sahul after listening to this and both were broken down in tears.

“I think I must leave now,” said Bhaavi, patting on Nishita's shoulder, “you enjoy with Sahul.”

“Sahul came close to Nishita,” he sighed and asked, “Can I have the pleasure of dancing with you tonight?”

“Yes, sure Sahul,” said Nishita, “You do not ask.”

“Sahul’s hands curved around her waist and she placed her left hand on his right shoulder with a sigh.

"Nishita, you are looking beautiful in this black color ball gown, just gorgeous rather," said Sahul.

“True relationship in the world without fights is
Just like playing Indian festival Holi without colors,” said Sahul to Nishita, followed by a sweet kiss which he gently placed at her lips, and then they kissed passionately.

“I just live in your eyes to see
How beautiful your world is
Might be only because of me
I just want to hold your hands to know
How tightly you can keep holding my hands
So that, you won’t let me go
I just want to keep sitting with my head on your shoulder
To see how slowly, together
We will grow older.
How amazing our love is!
The sudden touch of yours,
Makes me shiver,
And might seem as if I will freeze,” said Nishita, kissing Sahul’s forehead.

“You made my day today,” said Nishita to Sahul, “Thank You so much for your love, which showers on me daily just like rain showers in the month of August.”

After a while, Nishita stepped towards Sahul and said, "I have got a surprise for you, my love. I want you to blindfold you as I go inside the hotel to bring you the surprise."

Nishita then went inside the Hotel Skylark after tying a piece of cloth on Sahul’s eyes. Eventually, she reached the place where she had kept the cake for her success at writing career, which she Sahul to cut.

As soon as Nishita went in to bring surprise cake for Sahul, two terrorists entered the Hotel Skylark, along with pistols and knife in their hands. The terrorists stepped in the hotel and killed all the receptionists. There were no customers to be seen at the hotel by that time, only Nishita and Sahul were left in the hotel that evening.

Meanwhile, the terrorists came to the party hall. The terrorists saw Sahul blindfolded. They stepped towards Sahul without shoes, to tie his hands with a rope.

Sahul could not understand anything, he began shouting. Meanwhile, Nishita had entered the party hall along with the surprise cake for Sahul. As soon as she enters the party hall, she saw two terrorists standing near Sahul.

For a second, Nishita stood still holding the box of cake with both her hands and began to cry. One of the terrorists heard her crying and went up to her. The other terrorist was standing near Sahul and removed the piece of cloth from his eyes which was tied by Nishita before going in to bring the cake.

Sahul saw that Nishita is in danger. Knowing all this, he could not do anything but shout. He very well knew that once he began to shout, Nishita might get killed from one of the terrorists.

The terrorist who was standing near Nishita went to look out for some water to drink.

Sahul tried a lot to free his hands which the terrorists had tied with a rope.

"Please don’t try to free yourself Sahul." Nishita said, "Terrorists might hurt you."

"It is not okay Nishita, let me try," Sahul replied in tears.

Nishita stepped slowly towards Sahul and said, "I will help you rescue yourself Sahul.”

As soon as Nishita stepped a bit towards Sahul, terrorist rushed towards her, removed a knife and stopped Nishita to move further.

It was all of a sudden that Sahul began to scream for help as his beloved was in danger. The other terrorist did not let Sahul scream. The terrorist, removing a pistol, asked Sahul, "You are not allowed to scream else your beloved might get torn into pieces with my rifle.”

After a while, one of the terrorists who was holding Nishita’s hands looked at her crying at the top of her voice. The terrorist got angry and brought the knife in front of her neck to kill her. Nishita got angry and all of a sudden, she tried to free at least one of her hands from the two, which was tightly held by the terrorist.

Eventually, she succeeded in freeing one of her hands from the two. She threw away the knife behind her, which the terrorist had brought near her neck.

Sahul looked at Nishita’s bravery and thought of danger getting over.

But that was not it. The lower end of the knife was little fat, and so it was in the standing position after falling on the ground. The terrorist who was holding Nishita’s hands kept an eye on the knife. Watching the position of the knife, he felt good. Already the terrorist was so angry looking at Nishita crying, he pushed Nishita backward with force. And in the process, Nishita fell down on the knife.

Both of the terrorists ran away to save their life from the police.

Sahul screamed for help at the top of her voice, hearing Nishita crying in pain.

It was midnight at 1 a.m. and nobody heard Sahul’s voice. Nishita began to cry and tried to get up, but she couldn’t. Sahul tried to free both of his hands which were tied by one of the terrorists. After a while, Sahul succeeds in freeing his hands and feels happy. Freeing his hands, Sahul tries to leave the hotel.

Nishita shouts at Sahul, "How could you leave at the moment when I need you the most?"

"Nishita, I wish I could take you to Dr. Mohit Mohan, one of the best gynecologists of City Hospital, Jaipur, but I can’t, as he is a male gynecologist," Saaransh replied Nishita.

“Being a doctor, how could you be so narrow-minded Dr. Sahul?” Nishita asked Sahul.

After a second Nishita said to Sahul, "May be after marriage, you will father a daughter someday. And when your daughter turns the age of 24-25, Won’t you want that she be given the best in life by her lover or her husband, especially when it comes to medication?" Asked Nishita to Sahul and said, ‘I thought you would always give me the best in my life, but I was wrong."

"Nishita, you have opened my eyes today," Sahul replied moving towards Nishita.”

“You are bleeding a lot, Nishita,” said Sahul, “I shall take you to Dr. Mohit Mohan soon.

Sahul came near Nishita and sat on the floor with her head on his lap and said, "I was always a narrow-minded person in my life. Today after listening to you, I have changed my mind and now I have started thinking a bit broad-mindedly."

Meanwhile, Nishita had succeeded in taking off the knife, which had left her bleeding completely.

Nishita was immediately hospitalized at City Hospital. Dr. Mohit Mohan diagnosed her and said, ‘There is no need to worry Dr. Sahul, the girl will have to undergo a 3 hours surgery immediately."

"Okay, doctor," Sahul replied in tears.

After the surgery, Nishita was accompanied by Sahul at his home.

On the way, while coming to home, Nishita said to Sahul in the car, “If I knew about the danger, you would have to face at the party; I wouldn’t have organized that small party. But then, I wouldn’t have got my true love, if I hadn’t organized the small party.

Nishita had reached Sahul’s flat eventually. Sahul made Nishita lie on the bed and asked her to take rest.

“I am sorry Nishita, I tried to help you at the party, but I was helpless and you had to face such bad pain because of me. I think you don’t deserve me as your life partner,” said Sahul in tears, “anyways I am going to the washroom and will be back in 5 minutes.”

Nishita held his hand to stop him from going, and she pulled him towards her and kissed him. She then said,

"This pain was nothing.
I want the sweetest pain from you, after getting married to you,
The pain which was given by your daddy to your mommy,
After getting married to your mommy
The pain was given by your daddy and felt by your mommy,
On the day, when you were about to arrive in this beautiful world,
From your mommy’s tummy!!!!
From your mommy’s tummy!!!"

After listening to this, Sahul was speechless and he bent to kiss Nishita on her forehead.

“You won my heart today,” said Sahul to Nishita, “I will love you to the ends of the earth.”

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