Oy hoy… Jaaneman…!!

Oy hoy… Jaaneman…!!

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She was out in the dark night; alone. As she called to inform his boyfriend to pick her up, mobile got switched off. Dark night and silent road seemed more petrifying when dogs were howling. She was shivered as cold wind slithered on her bare sleeveless arms. Suddenly a bike rushed behind her and tyres screeched next to her.

“Oy hoy… jaaneman…” voice came out from helmet.

She gritted her teeth and rise up her iron fist…

“Hey...hey wait… it’s me… Nitin… I-I was just ki-kidding” boyfriend got scared by her unanticipated sudden attack.

“Oh! Then why the hell did you call me that?” said furiously.

“That’s what I use to call you…” he chuckled.

“One day na… you’ll surely be knockout by my fist if you’d do this again, I’m telling you Nitin…” she warned him as she sat behind him.

She wrapped her hands against his abs and situated her plump chest on his back. Warmness surged between the gap.

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