Praveen Kumar Maradana

Drama Thriller Tragedy


Praveen Kumar Maradana

Drama Thriller Tragedy

H.O.P.E - Hold On Pain Ends

H.O.P.E - Hold On Pain Ends

14 mins 22.1K 14 mins 22.1K



Couple - [Beach Road - Walk, Beach wave sounds, moody


1. Couple - Camera from their eyes off to their faces walking on

the beach Road. Both look really cool and they look into each

other eyes with intensity.

2. Guy with a white shirt and khaki trouser. Girl with a simple

churidar (Brown color) -> Both will be walking on the beach road

and suddenly the weather changes and it really becomes very cool

and moody climate. We can hear the wave sound from the beach.

Note: Both the guy and the girl got engaged very recently and they

are ready to get married. Before they get married they will go for a

date at Beach road which is seen now.

3. Couple really loves the climate and they have the following


Girl - "Shall we go and play for a while in the water"

Guy - "Sure!! Are you ready to enjoy the thrill in the water?"

Girl - "Let me see how good you are in playing with me in water.

Chalo!! "

4. Both will be very much energetic and will have an awesome

time in the water. They will play the games and after sometime

they get tired and sit at the edge of the water looking into each

other eyes.

5. When the wave hits the couple, the guy looks into girl eyes and

says - "I love you" [proposal]

  Girl - "She will be blushing and asks the guy one question ->

When a guy propose a girl do they really look only the physical

beauty or anything else needed"

  Guy [Chilling] - "Not just the physical beauty, there are some

other things that are really concerned to propose a girl"

  Girl [Excited] - "What are those?"

Guy - Like --- From the back one loud voice saying "Chotu ...



  Camera rolling backwards comes out of it which is the first twist

over here.

Track 2:

Priya Present Life: [Curious to know about Relationship

posted in the article of the newspaper]

6. [Surprise] Till now one girl (Priya) is reading about this couple

in a newspaper article and will have some tears in her eyes. She

was very much excited to know what happens next. In the mean

time her mother will be calling "Chotu... Chotu" from the kitchen.

7. Priya mother will be saying "Chotu ... Chotu... Mobile phone is

ringing. Go and lift the call ...."

8. Priya will be lifting the call and says "Why did you call me?

Who asked you to call me? I asked you not to call right and she

will put down the mobile phone and will be crying.

Cameras rolling backwards -> Priya Flashback scenes which is

Track 3

Track 3:

Priya Flashback scenes [College life with School friend]

9. After this for a while priya will go back to her college days - >

 College scenes:

 a. All the senior gals will be ragging Priya

 b. In the mean time a calm guy will be cumin and he will stop and

ask senior gals "Where is CSE class? Can you please tell me the


 c. Senior gals "Are you a fresher then go there and open your

shirt”... No madam actually...

 d. In the mean time a professor will come there and asks what

happened exactly to the calm guy. Then he says "Sir actually

senior gals asked me to kiss that girl (Priya)"

 e. Senior gals will be shocked and they will look at that guy and

thinks when we ragged him like that and they will be shocked.


 f. So now the professor will ask all senior gals to cum to his desk

for some disciplinary action. So the senior gals will be leaving and

one of them looks at Priya.

 g. When they look at Priya they will be shocked seeing "Priya and

the calm guy (Praveen) will be speaking so friendly" -> both are

school friends

Track 2:

Priya Present life [Shocked to see School friend pic for

marriage proposal]

10. Now they will be a calling bell sound, immediately Priya will

get back to present life and open the door. After opening the door

Priya father will be coming inside and he will put some of the

guy’s pics on the desk and says that he brought some marriage

proposals to her (Priya).

11. Priya father asks her to a look into these pics and let him know

if she likes anybody. As of now I’m going out and I will be back

within some time.

12. Priya will be looking at the pics and she will be shocked for a

moment by seeing one pic. The guy in the pic is none other than

her school friend Praveen.

13. Now Priya is really excited how his father gets to know

Praveen. She wanted to know from her father, so she will be

waiting for her father. In the mean time she will be looking at the

pic and goes back to her flash back.

Track 3:

Priya Flashback scenes [School friend’s talk, Relationship with

handsome guy, missing something in relationship]

a. Priya and Praveen both will be in the college canteen. A

handsome guy Venkat from ECE will be coming to College

canteen where Priya looks at him and will be blushing looking at

him(Venkat). Priya will ask Praveen to get the details of Venkat at

any cost and she will say "Venkat is looking really handsome with

some Smiles on her face”. Then Praveen says "Hello madam just


eats ... Why you are dropping the spoon by looking at him ... u

funny girl".

b. Later Praveen asks priya for money to go for a movie. Priya will

give money and Praveen will say "Ok I am going to movie, after I

finish my movie I will get his (Venkat) details"

c. Praveen will finish movie and come back to college and will be

surprised looking at Priya. She will be already speaking to Venkat

very closely. Later when Priya come out of their conversation then

Praveen asks Priya what exactly happened.

d. Then Priya says "Sorry buddy!! I haven't told you actually 1

week before venkat proposed me. But still i did not say anything to

you. I just want to know his details. That is the reason asked you to

find the details of him"

e. Then Praveen says "That’s Ok!!”. I will let you know the details

by tomorrow. The next day Praveen will come to Priya and says

"Venkat is a loafer just takes li8 buddy!!” So priya will be shocked

but she says "Ok buddy" to Praveen.

f. But after 2 days Praveen finds Priya with venkat very much

close. So he feels "Ok. Let her realize the things and will leave her

without any intervention"

g. Venkat and Priya will be in deep love and after 6 months of their

love they find some changes in Venkat behavior. Venkat will be

torturing Priya by telling "What are you doing all the time? Why

do you speak with him so long?" like a kind of psycho. Priya will

get into depression mode looking at venkat's behavior, she wanted

to share this with Praveen but she could not do that since she did

not listen to his words.

h. She doesn't know to whom she need to share this with and she

becomes dull. One day Venkat comes near to Priya and says "Why

are you like that? What happened to you ? Share with me Priya

don’t feel bad, sorry for everything that happened". When she

hears these words from Venkat she feels that Venkat really

understood her. So she will be happy and on that day there will be

rain outside. So venkat asks priya it’s been long time that we did

not go to beach, let’s go now. So Priya and venkat will go to the


beach and there they have a romantic talk and after few minutes

Venkat will ask Priya "I want to kiss you". Then Priya will blush

and say "No" but still venkat tries to please her still she will not

listen to his words. Then Venkat becomes forceful, so priya will

not understand what to do and she keeps sweating and will be so

tensed looking for help. In the mean while she will look here and

there suddenly she finds Praveen standing in the front.

j. Praveen comes near to that and by looking at him Venkat leaves

that place and Priya will be crying in front of Praveen saying

"Sorry!! I have made a mistake, I should not do this". Then

Praveen looking at Priya says "You have done a mistake but you

realized the things soon. Chalo!! Let’s go home. Forget everything

and have some good sleep"

Now voices from the back -> "Priya father "Chotu come and open

the door". Priya into present life

Track 2:

Priya: "Dad how did you get that guy pic?"

Dad: "I am feeling tired. Let me refresh and have some lunch. I

will give you all the details"

Priya: "Ok!! Thanks Dad" and she will be very much interested

with what happened next in the article. So she will go and read the

remaining article in the newspaper.

Camera rolling to Track 1

Track 1:

Guy: There are some more characteristics like he will be

explaining the incident before they meet in the beach. We actually

met in the temple present in the beach road.

Girl: What happened?

Guy: I came to the temple and at that time you are already there

and due to sun stroke one old gentleman fallen down when he is

coming out of the temple. Most of the people were looking at him

and some of them gave water but you are the person who called


108 and handled the situation with maturity and responsibility. So I

liked the way you handled the problem. So what do you think of

me? I don’t think you have any idea about me.

Girl: She will have some smiles on her face. No I have observed

one thing when we went inside the temple. When I was leaving my

footwear you were already inside and there I found that somebody

in the temple just left the water tap on. Many people were just

watching it and leaving it as if they came only to pray god!! But

you just reacted immediately with responsibility where i really

liked you very much. She will have some more deep conversation

with the guy. She will come to know that the guy is straight

forward and honest. After few minutes...

Guy: You look gorgeous on this particular day!! :)

Girl: Are you trying to impress me? ;)

Guy: "Impressing someone for an instant may give temporary

happiness but in the process of understanding if you are impressed

then that will be remembered throughout your life. So if you are

impressing someone all the time it means you may be losing your

identity or uniqueness too. So better understand and move


Girl: "I am impressed with your words" and she will be looking

into guys eyes with lots of love. [Love]

Guy: I got the reply for my proposal. [Smile]

14. Later after few days the couple will get married and they will

have a romantic and enjoyable life almost for a year. Suddenly one

particular day, the guy will wake up early in the morning 5:30 am

and will leave the house without informing the girl.

15. The girl will wake up eat 9:30 am and will look for her

husband. He will not be present and the girl will think "Without

having coffee in the morning with me he will never go anywhere".

16. The girl will call to her hubby friends, Office colleagues and

everyone will inform that he is not with them. Then the girl will be

in the tensed mode and she feels something went wrong. She will


have all kind of thoughts running in her mind. At one point of she

will have a doubt on him.

17. The girl will call to her hubby mobile finally. Then she will get

a reply saying "The number you are calling is switched off". When

she heard about this, her heart beat will rise and will have complete


18. Within few minutes she will get a call from unknown number

and she lifts the call and says "Hello!! Who is this?” This is your


19. Sorry my dear I came on a urgent work and my mobile did not

have charging and it got switched off. Since you will get tensed i

called you now. I am coming home now.

20. After 1 hour the guy will come to his house and he ask the girl

to get ready. She will get ready and both of them go to a charitable

trust where lots of children will be waiting for them. So few hours

before what exactly happened "Guy will come to charitable trust

and he will spend all the time to get things for the children and also

decorate the charitable trust since it was their first year

anniversary. So he wants to spend the time with them"

21. When guy tells about what exactly happened then the girl will

cry a lot and says "Sorry!! I did not understand you completely. I

had many strange thoughts running in my mind but you understood

me very well and you called me immediately". Understanding and

trust are most important factors in the relationship which will

always make the life better. So finally Priya will come to know for

any relationship four particular things are really important:

    1. Responsibility

    2. Maturity

    3. Trust

    4. Understanding

22. This will end the article in the newspaper. Finally Priya will

have complete tears in her eyes.

Questions: Why Priya had lot of tears in her eyes after reading

newspaper article? How the article is connected with Priya?


Twist in the Climax:

23. After reading article in the newspaper Priya will cry a lot and

say "I miss you sister and brother-in-law". You were the perfect

couple because of which you got best couple Award

Camera rolling backwards - What exactly happened?

24. Priya Sister and Brother-in-law are the couple in the article.

After 1 year of marriage they will go to Hyderabad and in a

competition they will get best couple award. This will be published

in the article and the article contains how exactly the relationship

should be and how the relationship should go forward.

25. During this award Priya will be in Singapore Trip. So priya

sister will call and tell about their award and about the article in the

newspaper. Priya will be very happy and excited to get started

from Singapore to Visakhapatnam.

25. After receiving the award the couple starts from Hyderabad to

Visakhapatnam and then they will hire a cab. When the cab is

returning to home they will meet with an accident. On the spot the

couple (Priya sister and brother-in-law) will be dead.

26. Priya father will call after 2 hours and will tell Priya that both

of them are dead. Priya will be in shock and she will come to India

with lot of pain. She will cry a lot and after few days she will be in

the depression mode because of her sister death and also about her

relationship with Venkat.

27. When she has lot of confusion in the relationship then she will

remind about her sister article that got published for best couple

award. So Priya is curious to know how a relationship should be

and then Priya will be searching for the newspaper which contains

her sister and brother-in-law article. She will find it and then she

will be start reading the newspaper. This is what happened till


28. So Priya will be crying for some time thinking of her sister and

brother-in-law. Later after few minutes Priya father will finish his

lunch and will come to Priya room. She will be looking dull, so he

asks what happened. Then Priya says that she was missing her



29. Priya father will say "That’s OK!! Just come out of it" and he

will say that you came to me for something. Then Priya with

excitement asks "Yes Papa!! I wanted to know how you brought

Praveen Pic"

30. Priya father then explains how he came to know about Praveen

“Before your sister expired, I and your sister were talking about

your marriage proposals. Then your sister told me that "Dad when

I got married I did not know how my life partner will be but later

when I spoke to him we had very good understanding. I am really

lucky to have a guy like that. Not everyone will get a person like

him. But for Priya I knew she have a close friend Praveen who is

really good in understanding Priya very well from his childhood.

He knows how to tackle her during odd situations. May be we

cannot get a better person than him. Just think of it dad!!"

31. So these are the words that your sister told me before getting

expired. After telling this, Priya will cry again a lot looking at her

sister photo and says "Sister you made my choice easy and life

better. Now I have a clear understanding how a relationship should

be and how we need to move forward. Thank you so much sister

for making come out of the confusion and decide who to select!!"

32. Later Priya will be coming back to normal mode and she will

call Praveen to explain what exactly happened. Priya will call

Praveen. Praveen will lift the phone and says "I know everything

my dear buddy!! Don’t worry your father told me whatever

happened and also he came to my house and asked me whether i

like you or not”. I told him that we have very good understanding

as friends and to become life partners if understanding is the

important criteria then i think i have far exceeded in that particular

one and laughs.

33. Then priya will be smiling and Praveen finally tells "Lets rock

and have fun buddy!!" with a happy smiles on both Priya and


                 ---==== THE END ====---


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