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Her Courage!!
Her Courage!!

© Akanksha Gupta


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Life is unpredictable. Blink your eyes and the next moment you realize you are in complete different world. But one's faith and will power gives strength to face the harsh reality rationally and intelligently. A middle class Indian women whose beautiful smile reflects her husband's love, respect, whose restless work day and night bounds the infinite love for her children has a small world revolving around her family. Shalini too is beloved mother of three daughters, supported by her practical, sensible, quick-witted and lovable husband. Innocent, unaware of the materialistic world's selfishness, emotional but sincerely devoted and diligent lady she beautifully manages her family combating with the limited resources with the support of her husband. One day destiny takes turn. Her husband left her with two month old and two teenage daughters. Think about it!! a lady with two month old daughter in her lap,7 year old daughter in her left and 11 year daughter who loved her father boundlessly, crying bitterly sitting in front of the death body of her husband and the mean, callous, rude ,harsh, insensitive society taunting her, engraving her pain. But the lady with her strength, faith stands up, feeds the innocent, wipes her tears and moves forward to save the future of her three daughters despite the injustice, immorality she faces from the society. Her husband was her everything but he had left. She was alone, as her life lost its fervor, colors, vibrancy. But that was not an end. That was the beginning of new phase of her life with one motto, to educate and make her daughters good human being. Every day was a challenge and she accepted that. Ten years of long struggle and her elder daughter graduated as an engineer. The day her daughter came holding her degree in her hand Shalini cried, she cried and thought if only Amar (her husband) was with him.....

life is unpredictable

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