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The Forgotten Friend
The Forgotten Friend

© Lakshya Baranwal


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A girl named Sakshi was living in her home in Gorakhpur in UP. When she was 11 years old, her mother and father died due to an accident. After that her maternal aunt taken care of her. She lived in a medium sized house with her cousin and aunt. Her cousin Neeta was little naughty but also was careful and responsible.

Sakshi hated her cousin from the beginning. Neeta and Sakshi completed their education from the same school and the same college but the only thing was that Neeta had her job but Sakshi was still jobless. Unfortunately, her aunt died due to an illness. Sakshi got a satisfying job so she decided to leave that home but Neeta was unhappy because she loved her (Sakshi) very much. Sakshi did so.

One day Sakshi got a message on whatsapp,`Hi' with unknown number. She didn't recognize whose number was that so she asked, `Who are you?'.Then the person other side replied that she is her school friend Reeta. But she became unable to identify the person other side so just to convince her Sakshi said,`Ya,I know you'. After they start chatting everyday. Sakshi started taking her (Reeta) advice for every decision.

One day Sakshi got ill, so she went to a doctor. The doctor said that the disease could be cured but her treatment would cost 2 lakhs.

Sakshi didn't had enough money for the treatment. She didn't informed Reeta about her disease. She stopped using her phone and got mentally depressed. After a week, she got parcel which had 2 lakhs with a note,`Your friend Reeta'. After getting 2 lakhs, she got treatment of her disease and became fit in a month.

She investigated the number and found that the number was of Neeta and Neeta died due to the same disease and on the same day Sakshi had recieved that parcel.

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