On The Backside Of Time

On The Backside Of Time

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Seeing a woman’s back had always aroused his curiosity. He loved the anticipation associated with the moment. What if she turned and smiled at him? A breathtakingly beautiful woman, whose eyes reflected the light of the stars. His mesmerized eyes would not steer away from the soft glow of her face.

It bothered her, that probably her clothes looked outdated. She had always been conscious of her appearance. It was not her fault, that a long time had passed, and she had lost the resources to update her looks. She had lost count of time, not only resources. The seamstresses and maids of honour, who worked to keep her beautiful had all disappeared, so had the ardent admirers.

All except the faithful friend behind her back. His love was unconditional, and the devotion boundless. Her determination was matchless, and she kept her gaze fixated on the dense forest, which separated her from the world of her dreams. And her desire for success did not recognize boundaries. A shaft of light illuminated her path through the waters, as she planned her next move.

He stumbled on a stone, and froze. It read

“Princess Sahila of Egypt,1805-1827. She wanted to be an actress, and was killed by her brother”.

Had the mummies escaped the pyramids? The devotion of the four-legged friend brought tears to his love-seeking eyes.

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