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Kalpana Saroj
Kalpana Saroj

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This is about real Slumdog Millionaire, she is none other then Kalpana Saroj.

She was born in a small village of Maharashtra (India). Her father was a police man and the only source of house income was her father's salary. She was so brilliant in studies but she was unable to go for higher studies due to family and other reasons. But she wanted to do something. So, she learnt sewing and at that time her father lost his job that was a very tough time for her but still anyhow she managed and went to Mumbai for making her career where she got a job in sewing mil.

But she failed there to show what she knows about sewing but still got job of separating the threads for Rs. 2 and she started doing that and with practice she got the job for sewing finally. By then she was the only earning person in her family, so her family shifted to Mumbai and she managed somehow and kept growing and entered into real state with her savings money to earn enough. She was then approached by few people from a bank corrupt company kamani tubes to help the people related to that company. Around 10,000 people were there, so she agreed and made the company from hundreds of crore losses to profit and court made her CEO of that company.

She was really an inspiration for most of us and a successful entrepreneur.

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