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Inspirational Tragedy


Monami Dutta

Inspirational Tragedy

A Letter From The Border

A Letter From The Border

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The door bell rang. And it rang once again. Her eyes were dozing off. Her eyes were dry. Her eye-lashes sparked. Her face was numb.

She had been waiting for this day. But not like dis. Not in this way where she had to keep waiting (and waiting.....). She cried. She became angry. She cursed God. But for a different reason she had never ever thought of!

Meanwhile, the door bell rang for the third time. She went to the door. She was tired. She was lost. She was nowhere. She opened. It was not what she expected...It was not at all what she thought of. It was a letter. A letter for her. And a parcel. She took off. She tore the envelope.....

Inside, was the handwriting she knew. It was the writing she has been used to...that gave her all happiness, and the writing she loved to read........

"You were in my eyes

You were in my dreams

I saw you amidst people,

I saw your hair fling!

I saw your smile fly...

I saw your mood swings

I saw your fresh face &....

I saw your eyes dream.

It was an autumn morning

It was a loving day

It was sunny bright

It was you... all day.

Since my school days I have been following...

Only you!

Have followed all day..have followed my life through!

Followed you in the lanes

Followed you in the gardens

Followed you in tea stalls

Followed you in college!

There are 100 reasons for which my heart beats...

The reasons that are unexpressed;

Unexpressed are my feelings that I wanted to tell you long days.....

Unexpressed were the days when I waited for you,

With a rose near your window

& You were there smiling high...

And your high voltage smile

Took my heart away...

For life!

Still I couldn't tell you....

You were in my whatsapp

You were in my FB

You were in my letters

You were in my stories.

You were in my mind

You were in my songs

You were in my time...

You were in my life!

I know you must be wondering why am telling this now

Years have passed and we have become togther now!

But this, am saying

Because, in this full moon night...

I wanted you to be mine.

I wanted you by my side...

Forever in my life!

I knew I may not be there with you today,

But your surprise gift I wanted to design...

Just to see

That treasured smile on your face..

To feel,

That treasured felling of you hugging me...

to wipe,

That treasured tears of joy...

And just to see.....

Your Love for me!

Baby, don't cry.

Am there with you..

In this anniversary of ours

I promise to cook fr you!

Not only cakes or morning coffee

Or the chicken tikka...

I want to cook every happiness and smile that, worth you dear!

I know the music you were hearing is incomplete without "US".

& "US" is incomplete without the love that we share.

So I want to say,



And then want to come to my wife

And let her say!

Stay well, stay blessed,

My little love..

And See you soon...

Is what your hubby wishes, now!"

. . . . . .

And at the bottom was written a small "Sorry" because, he couldn't come on there day. There 3rd Anniversary Day!

Her eyes got filled with tears...she couldn't control more. She opened the gift that came with the letter. It was a family photo. It was she with her man in "green".

In the college days, during one beautiful day... She was looking at him and he clicked the picture away!

She wanted to shout. She wanted to cry louder. The pain in her heart burned as if she could survive no longer. Just then a wind blew in..through her window. Flew the curtains, scrambled the papers on the floor...

She fetched for something to rub her eyes. And then she saw the "burning" newspaper with the headline "Lt. Col. Died in the attack in the Border area. India salutes the brave hearts"....

She caught the letter of Lt. Col. to her heart.....tight enough not to let her husband's last touch to go... with the wind... &tear drops fell over the photo lying beside the newspaper...on the floor...... . . .

P.S. A Tribute and Salute to the soldiers,the jawans who sacrifice their lives everyday, every minute to secure their beloved country...their motherland! And A greater Salute to their family, to their wives, to their children who sacrifice more..who gets pained all through their lives.....I know we cannot compensate theirs pain but at least can share a little bit for them.

#Salute from my heart.


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