The Mysterious Rocket 2 By Tanisi Reddy Part 2

The Mysterious Rocket 2 By Tanisi Reddy Part 2

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As you know, our heroes Tanisi and Prahas had helped Bob Jonson the alien unite with his alien family. Ones, when he was just an alien baby, his alien parents were getting some research from earth. Then, when they were just about to come aboard the U.F.O, they forgot Bob! No one knows why. Then a happy family walked by and they decided to adopt him. As you read this story, you will find out that Bob has a secret sibling.  


                       Chapter 1

                    My Evil Brother



‘’do you think Bob is going to visit today’’ I asked. ‘’You spoke too soon’’ he said as he pointed to Bob’s rocket. ‘’Hay Bob’’ I yelled. ‘’How is the future’’ I yelled again. Bob didn’t answer. As the rocket landed, Bob slowly came out of the rocket. ‘’What’s the matter Bob’’ I asked. ‘’There is trouble in the future’’ he said sadly. ‘’What’s wrong in the future’’ Prahas asked gently. ‘’Zack’’ he said. ‘’Who is Zack’’ we both asked. ‘’My evil brother, all he ever wanted to was to rule the world’’ he said. ‘’But why did you come here’’ Prahas asked. ‘’I needed your help to defeat him’’ Bob said. ‘’Does he want to rule the future, or does he want to rule the earth’’ I asked. ‘’Both’’ Bob answered. Well, what’s the plan’’ Prahas asked. ‘’A, a, a, we have to get prepared for the fight’’ Bob said as he was nodding his finger. He led us to the rocket and then led us to a closet and inside was lots of swords, jetpacks, walkie-talkies, and food because it may be 2 or 3 days. ‘’Wow, that is a lot of stuff to carry’’ I said surprisingly.

‘’Don’t worry, we have a camping bag, I couldn’t find any other bag. ‘’Now are you going to tell us the plan’’ Prahas asked. ‘’ Yes, now I’ll tell you the plan’’ Bob said. ‘’So, I know that Zack is in the future, so when we see him, me and Tanisi will hide while Prahas will use the jet pack and fly and keep a look out and tell us when he is going to act is move’’ Bob whispered. ‘’Woohoo, we are going to go in the rocket’’ Prahas yelled. ‘’You’re going to need these suits because you are going to be in space’’ Bob said. ‘’Quick question, you never told us that you had a brother when we first met you’’ I asked. ‘’I wanted to, but I thought you would feel bad’’ Bob said. ‘’Well, we are not feeling bad’’ Prahas said. ‘’Is it ok if I tell you the story when I first found out that my brother was evil’’ he asked ‘’Sure’’ we both said.

                   Chapter 2                                    

                    Rocket Time  

‘’I told you this story the last time I met you’’ Bob said. ‘’Oh yeah, I remember, it was the story when your mom and your dad forgot you’’ exclaimed Prahas. ‘’Yes, that’s the story, but I didn’t tell you the evil part’’ said Bob. ‘’So, my evil brother Zack made my mom and dad go inside so I could be left at earth. His plan was to go inside the U.F.O so my mom and dad could follow him. Once everyone was in the U.F.O he would pressed a button that said U.F.O START and yes he could read when he was a baby, and the U.F.O flew without me’’ Bob said with frighten. ‘’Oh that sneaky alien, we have to catch him NOW!’’

‘’But we can’t just catch him, we need to convince him to be nice’’ Bob said. ‘’Come on people, aren’t we going into the rocket’’? Prahas asked. ‘’Oh, you’re right, put on your space suits, and let’s get moving’’ Bob said. Me and Prahas put on our space suits, I needed help. I almost tripped, but Prahas helped me up. Then we went into the gear room, it is a room were the steering wheel is and all the buttons and the seats are. We sat down in one of the seats. ‘’Is this going to be faster than the last time we rode the rocket’’? We both asked. ‘’Maybe’’ Bob said while he pressed one of the buttons. The rocket slowly lifted off the ground. ‘’Oh no’’ we said with frighten. All of a sudden, the rocket bursted into the sky like a bullet. ‘’Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.’’

There were so many colors and sparkles around us. ‘’WOW’’ we both said together.   

                      Chapter 3


When we were in the future, there were meteors and bullets flying everywhere while aliens were running all over the place on the moon. And one giant meteor, 4 feet tall almost hit us, but luckily, Bob saved us by lifting us so the meteor could crash in the floor. ‘’Wow, that was a close one’’ I said.

‘’Thanks Bob’’.

‘'You’re welcome’’. As we were ducking and dodging from meteors and bullets, we were searching all over the place for Zack, but we couldn’t find him. ‘’What’s that’’ Prahas asked. As me and Bob looked up into the sky, we all saw a humongous UFO in the sky. ‘’ That must be Zack’s UFO, he calls it Bubu’’ Bob told us. ‘’ITS CALLED   BUBAE, BOOOMB!’’ Zack yelled through a blowhorn. ‘’Yeah, and he also calls me BOOOMB sometimes’’ Bob said seriously. We slowly walked towards the Bubae UFO, then suddenly, a bright light beam shined on us and sucked us in the UFO. ‘’Well, well, well, would you look at that, Bob needed some help defeating me, so he went back to earth to get his two little minions. What are these things anyway, are they some kind of blobs or something’’ Zack cackled. ‘’They’re humans’’ Bob explained. ‘’Wait, how can he talk’’ I asked Bob. ‘’I Teached him’’ Bob responded. ‘’ WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT, when he takes over earth and when he is talking on his blowhorn everybody on earth will hide, and would give Zack the time to take over earth!!’’ I panicked. ‘’Enough chit-chat, let’s get this over with’’ Zack cackled. ‘’SHING’’!!! ‘’Now, I have some business to attend to!!’’ Zack said while walking to the control panels         

‘’What was that sound?’’ Prahas asked.                                     

                      Chapter 4                     

                  IT’S WARRRR!!!

Prahas forward to see what the sound was but he didn’t move? There was something holding us from moving, it was metal and it looked like a thick bracelet that was wrapped around our hands and feet and was attached to the wall. ‘’How do we get out of HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERE???’’ I screamed. While me and Prahas were playing Bubble gum, Bob said ‘’I have an idea, I have a jar of my mom’s saliva in my pocket, so I can grab it with my mouth and pour it on our hands and feet and we’ll be free!’’ ‘’Why do you have a jar of your mom’s saliva?’’ Prahas asked ‘’Oh, it’s so I can remember her.’’

Are you actually, going pour your mom’s saliva on us?’’ I asked. ‘’Yeah, I technically have to’’ Bob responded. ‘’EEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWW!’’ we both said. So, Bob started to pour the saliva, that was the most disgusting 5 minutes of our lives. After all that, we all tip-toed to the door ‘’I guess we forgot the plan’’ Prahas reminded us. ‘’We don’t need a plan, just follow my lead’’ Bob told us. ‘’How do we open the door’’ I asked. ‘’I know everything about Zack’’ Bob told us. ‘’I am the most evil person in the world’’ Bob said to the door. Before the door could open, Prahas said ‘’aren’t we up in the air?’’ ‘’Remember, we brought jetpacks’’ Bob reminded us. ‘’DOOR OPENING’’ the door said. "HAY, WHO OPENED THE DOOR??’’ Zack yelled. "Quick, put on the jetpack and jump in 3, 2, 1, JUMP’’ Bob yelled ‘’WOOOOOOOOOOOOHHOOOOOOOOOOOO!’’ we screamed. ‘’Land there’’ Bob told us. After we landed, we looked at Zack’s UFO and it started to shoot bullets at us!! ‘’Guys, take out your guns and 3, 2, 1, SHOOT’’ Bob yelled ‘’BOOM,BOOM,BOOM,BOOM,BOOM,AAOOWW’’ ‘’Bob, what happened’’ we ask. ‘’A bullet  shot me in the arm’’ Bob answered in a soft voice. ‘’Prahas, get 3 shields, give 1 to Bob so he doesn’t get shot again, and Bob, lie on this rock until this is done’’ I told Prahas. As we kept on shooting Prahas told me ‘’look at that green triangle at the middle of the UFO, I’m pretty sure that’s the thing that powers the UFO, let’s both aim for it,’’ ‘’OK Prahas, we aim for creepers all the time in mind craft so did you get your aim’’? I asked. ‘’Yes, I’m ready, now, 3, 2, 1, SHOOOT’’ ‘’BOOOOOMM, ZZZZ ZZZZIP ZAP ZIN ZZZZZZZZZSHHHHOOO SHUTTING DOWWWNNN!!!’’ ‘’YESSSS, WE DID IT!!’’ we both yelled.
‘’Bob, did you pack a first-aid kit?’’ I asked. ‘’Yes’’ Bob answered in pain.

As we gave Bob a cast, Zack walked out of his broken Bubae UFO and said ‘’All these years, you’ve been better than me, remember the spelling bee in 4th grade’’ ‘’Yes’’ Bob answered. ‘’That was the worst day of my life. June 2nd, 1994, the end of 4th grade I called your school so I could compete with you, at the last round of the spelling bee, me and Bob were the only people left, then when it was my turn the word Encyclopedia ruined my life, I struggled a lot with that word and then I lost my grip, I fell to the ground, I went down and down I sunk so deep, I sunk so deeply, and I lost so badly. And at other events when I wanted to compete with you, YOU won all of them. I thought if I could take over the earth and moon, I could recover everything that I lost, I just wanted to know how it feels like to win, and the reason I left you on earth is because, you always had the most toys in the family, and Mom and Dad always spend time with you, even though I was the little one. All I’m trying to say is, I’m sorry’’ Zack explained with a tear running cheek. ‘’The reason you aren’t winning is because you aren’t confident in yourself, you’re always thinking if you are going to lose again, because the secret to winning is to always stay cool and clear your mind and focus on the competition’’ Bob told Zack. 

 ‘’Thanks big bro.’’

‘’You're welcome, little dude.’’

As we all hopped into Bobs rocket we all buckled our seatbelts and Bob said ‘’Get ready to go to the Present in 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1...  BLASTOFF! ’ ‘’YYYYYYYYYYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHOOOOOOO!!!!’’               

After Bob dropped me and Prahas home, Bob and Zack went home, Zack explained everything to his parents and he asked ‘’do you forgive me”? ‘’OOOWWWWWWWWEEEAEOOOO(We Forgive you) and they all hugged with Happy tears.

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