Foxy Thinking Fulfills Dreams

Foxy Thinking Fulfills Dreams

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Parents have the perspective that pursuing career in Arts and Sciences won’t get you anywhere as they think there is not much of scope in these streams, but they don’t understand that they are killing their child’s potential and ability to dream. Such was the dream of Mikesh but he wanted to become a social worker and do something for the welfare of the citizens who are not able to fulfill their dreams due to financial problems. But life had some different things planned for him and he got busy in a corporate job. He was not able to focus on his dream as he didn’t want to go against his parents. Months passed, Mikesh got married to his childhood friend Tanya.

Tanya knew Mikesh and his dreams. So she advised him to think of it in a positive way and just go with the flow of life as she thought maybe life had some other plans for him.

Mikesh gave a thumbs up to Tanya’s advice and followed his daily corporate life as before but he didn’t know that something was about to happen which would not only change his life but also fulfill his dream.

“People wish being a little kid with no stress, worries or care in the world.”

Most of the people who have this wish are none other than corporate employees. Such was the couple Mikesh and Tanya, who needed a small break from their hectic work life and it happened so that their parents had arranged a surprise trip to a nearby hill station for them. Mikesh and Tanya were overwhelmed by that surprise and decided to take some days off from work and relax.

The next day they left for the trip and they were accompanied with their experienced car driver Purshottam. They were accompanied by Purshottam as he had been serving their family for past 15 years and was just like a member of their family.

Purshottam drove them to the nearest hill station which was 5 hours away from the city. On the way they did some sightseeing and reached their resort to spend the next 5 days.

Mikesh and Tanya were enjoying their mini vacation as they were free from all the work pressure and stress. On the last day, they decided to visit a lake nearby as it was just a little detour on their way back home. In order to check out the correct route they were relying on their smartphone’s GPS. But the lake was in the interior of a jungle. And They had lost their GPS connectivity; so they started asking the local people for directions.

They saw some sign boards indicating the direction towards the lake but after travelling for about 20 km and having no sign boards, no GPS connectivity, they thought they were lost.

They were hoping to see a passer by and ask them for direction but there was no one around.

Suddenly when they took a sharp turn they saw 2 small kids out of nowhere.

They both got scared at first but then they realized that they were just small kids. Mikesh lowered the window and the kid then asked him if he would like to purchase some mangoes. The kid was accompanied by a small girl. Mikesh told that kid they didn’t need the mangoes as he had already purchased some from the local market. Purshottam interrupted their conversation and asked the kid for directions to the lake as they were lost. The kid immediately put forth a condition in front of Mikesh that he would be telling them the directions to the lake only if they purchased 10 mangoes from him. Mikesh, Tanya and Purshottam were surprised to see the kid negotiate with them for selling some mangoes. As Purshottam knew the regional language he tried to negotiate with the kid thinking the kid might feel Purshottam belonged to the same region but the kid had some awesome street smartness. He remained firm and didn’t tell them directions. Frustrated Tanya told the kid that they didn’t need his help and they could find the way to the lake.

The kid replied, “You can’t go to the lake without taking directions from me as there is no one else nearby to guide you.”

As they had no other choice, Mikesh purchased 10 mangoes from him and they got to know from the kid that they were just 10 minutes away from the lake.

In order to avoid Tanya getting angry on the small kid, Mikesh asked Purshottam to proceed towards the lake .The view of the lake made Tanya forget all the worries .But Mikesh was not enjoying the wonderful lake view and was thinking something else.This was noted by Tanya and she asked Mikesh what he was thinking. Mikesh told Tanya that he was thinking about the small kid’s smart behavior and how he must have learned the business tactics. As Tanya was much calm, Mikesh explained Tanya that they could help the kid for his further education as he was smart.

Without wasting more time, they rushed to the spot where they had met the small kid and they saw the kid was still there with the small girl who turned out to be the kid’s sister. Mikesh and Tanya got down from their vehicle and asked the kid about his education and family.

The kid replied that he was currently studying in class 6 at a school in the nearby village and was selling mangoes in order to earn some money which he would be using to pay the school fees for her little sister’s education. Tanya and Mikesh were speechless watching the small kid’s wish to study and make her small sister educated as he knew education could make their life better and a bit comfortable.

Mikesh and Tanya asked the kid to lead him to his house as they wanted to meet his parents. Mikesh and Tanya were then taken to a nearby village by the kid where they saw that his parents were facing many problems to sell mangoes as there were no means of transport other than bullock carts. Those bullock carts were not meant for transportation of goods from the village to nearby city.

Mikesh and Tanya realized that they had not asked the small kid’s name. They then came to know that the kid’s name was “Shubham” and his sister’s name was “Kinjal”.

Mikesh being a wealthy person, decided to use this wealth for a good cause and helped Shubham’s family buy a small jeep which would help them transport goods to the nearby city. Mikesh also helped Shubham and his small sister Kinjal by contributing financially for their education and decided to help them till they could stand on their own feet and earn something.

By this time, 3 days had passed and, Mikesh and Tanya were not able to leave the village as they had developed some kind of emotional bonding with Shubham’s family.

But they had their job commitments too and because of that, they had to bid goodbye to Shubham and his family.

After returning and continuing with their respective corporate jobs, Mikesh and Tanya were still not able to forget the experience they had in their mini vacation. They also narrated this to their parents who were proud of their children.

Mikesh and Tanya then decided that they would visit Shubham every 2 months and see his progress. After some time Mikesh and Tanya left their job and thinking about many more children like Shubham, they created an NGO for the betterment of children who were unable to get basic education and girls who were denied the basic right to education just because people thought they were not capable of doing anything. But this time while leaving his job, Mikesh thought about Shubham’s dream, not his own.

Over the years Shubham completed his graduation and helped Mikesh and Tanya with their social cause. On the other hand Kinjal was pursuing journalism.

Shubham also became a famous blogger and in his blog, he mentioned about girl child education by explaining the quote of William Goodwill “I think women are foolish to pretend they are equal to men, they are far superior and always have been” in a great way.

After that Shubham thanked Mikesh and Tanya for how they helped him and his family to have a better future. Also for teaching that everyone has the potential to do something's just the fire that’s to be ignited.

Mikesh was invited as a chief guest for the inauguration of a hospital for the needy where he was asked about becoming a social worker and working for the welfare of the society, to which Mikesh answered, “I never thought of becoming a social worker and influence lives of the people who cannot support their family due to some financial issues. Becoming a Social Worker was my dream but I thought my dream wouldn't be fulfilled as I was doing a corporate job and had almost no time but then my wife gave me a wonderful advice and here I am invited as a chief guest for the inauguration of this wonderful hospital...I just want to say that if you have a dream don’t chase it like a maniac but instead go with the flow of life and fulfill your dream along with it...and make sure you have a dream that’s worth dying as it makes you smile till the end of your life.”

Tanya and Mikesh were thankful to their parents who arranged a trip to a nearby hill station, the motive of which was just to relax but it turned out to be a fight for a social cause.

The End

At the end I just want to say that there are many 'Shubham's that exist all around the globe; it's just that people ignore them. People don’t understand it’s the basic education that can change a person’s life and make it better. It is said that gift a child with a toy, he will thank you for a period of a week or so...but gift a child with education and he will thank you for your whole life and will also be inspired to help other children in need.

It's us who can visualize or give people around us a better future.

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