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The Joy of Encouragement
The Joy of Encouragement

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Everyone has inside them a piece of good news. The good news is you don’t know how great you can be ! How much can you love! What you can accomplish! And what your potential is.” – by Anne Frank. These remarkable lines by Anne Frank hold a deep joy of encouragement. It is so true that every individual has a piece of good news of being great, but a hand or push is required to make them realize. Most of the times it happens that we are not aware of our potential, whereas others can visualize it. Imagine the joy when that piece of good news inside you is triggered by a few words of encouragement. Each day is a new day, and today will never come again, so we could be a true friend to someone to encourage the person to show some care. The joy of encouraging and getting encouraged are given and take bond where you give joy and take contentment.

A little girl Rachel, who lived with her mother in a small cottage. She loves her father very much but he has gone to war for 2 years, and she was missing him a lot. He keeps sending letters but that could not heal the pain of missing him. She stopped talking to anyone around. She had no friends or relatives. Her mother was too occupied with working but she tried to make her comfortable but was no use. 

She used to go to school and come back. Her face was always facing down, seeing a photograph of his Dad. She forgot how to be happy. She forgot herself completely. Her mother used to mention about her condition in every mail to Rachel’s Dad. Her father promises that he will try to come, but it was not easy for him to come back at the difficult time of war.

She used to sit under a tree near her house, whenever she got time with a photograph of her father. Children tried to call her for playing with them but she never responded. They thought she is a snobbish person who is not interested in playing with them and slowly everybody has stopped asking her to play. She was left alone.

One day she was coming back from school facing down and watching the photo of her Dad. She was holding books in her hands and suddenly football came to her with force. All her books fell down and the photograph of her father too, which she was unable to find. Then a boy came, he was holding the photograph of her father which he gave her and helped her in collecting the books. She said thanks for finding the photograph. He said if you want to thank me than play with us. We need one player in our team, otherwise, the game couldn’t start. Rachel was unable to refuse him so very shyly she agreed to play with them.

After two long years, Rachel was playing, she was loving the people around her. She was enjoying the game of football. She was encouraged by the team so much that later she became a well-known football player.

A little encouragement could bring life into a lifeless soul like Rachel. That boy gifted her the real joy of being encouraged. Einstein quoted that, “nothing happens until something moves.” The push of encouragement could bring a change of good news for someone. The joy of being encouraged could accomplish the lifeless soul with love, compassion and fulfilment. Encouraging someone is a very small deed but could make a huge difference for the one whom you encouraged today.

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