The Traitor

The Traitor

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It was about 6 in the evening when 14 year old Diya returned home after her tuitions. She was the only daughter of Colonel Virendra Khanna who has become nation's hero after recently arresting a few notorious terrorists. Her mother had died when she was a toddler. She was raised single handedly by her brave father whom she was highly proud of. She placed her school bag in the parlor and went to her bedroom to change her school uniform. A second later, she heard the screams of her watchman Dayanand. She ran to the doorstep to see him lying in the pool of his own blood in the garden. She was about to run to help him, when a mighty hand of a roboust man tightly curved itself around her narrow waist. Before she could understand anything, another stout hand covered her nose and mouth with a towel dripping wet with some strong smelling liquid. Diya struggled a lot to free herself from his grip but the highly obnoxious liquid quickly took its toll over the young girl. Diya felt dizzy, her limbs became numb and loosened their grasp over those of the man's. The lights of her house seemed to fade and the darkness on the outside seemed to enter her eyes. Her feet couldn't bear her weight anymore and she hung helplessly in the strong manly arms of him.

"Open you eyes baby," he said, patting her childishly beautifull face, "you have to talk to your Daddy."

Diya could barely say a faintly audible, ""

"You are so damn hot!" The man said as he rubbed his fingers over the luscious lips of the young damsel, who lay insensible in his arms.

Diya moaned out of pain as he tightly slapped her buttocks while he slid the unconscious girl on his shoulder and took her to her bedroom.

It was pitch dark outside when Diya opened her eyes again. The clock on the wall told her that it was midnight. She had been sleeping torpidly under heavy sedation for the past six hours. She was still clad in her school uniform but he had tied her hands and feet to the bed.

"Welcome back!" The man said with a wicked smile as he saw Diya waking up. He at once called her father and said, "As you haven't kept the promise of releasing my friends from your arrest, I'm going to keep my promise of molesting your daughter once every hour for every one hour delay on your side."

Diya understood that he was also one of those terrorists that her father has recently arrested and is demanding their release.

He kept the line alive for her father to hear and came near Diya. He pulled out and lifted her shirt which was tucked inside her skirt. He savagely licked and bit her belly. Diya screamed out of pain and humiliation and her painful screams echoed in the house. Then he injected her with another dose of sedative to keep her sleeping for yet another hour. The sedative helped the poor girl forget about her pain and drift to an insensible sleep.

An hour later, Diya was brought back to her senses by light taps on her cheeks.

"Ask your Dad to free my friends and I'll let you free."

"No, I'll never do anything for a traitor like you," Diya shouted, "you all are threat to our nation. I'll never let it happen...not at any cost."

The man flung her skirt over her belly and tore her stockings. He assaulted the lower half of her body with his dirty hands and drooling mouth. Diya was merely a kid who was in her early teens - a bit too young for such tortours. She felt as if being subjected to electric shocks of very high intensity each time his henoius nails and teeth bore themselves in her flesh. Her horrid screams fadded to weak moans as the atrocity of his tortures increased in magnitude and finally ripped the hapless girl off her senses. He took his hands off her only when he realized that she has passed out. He pulled her skirt down over her bareand widely parted legs and stomped off.

He splashed some water on her face and said as she struggled to keep her drooping eyes open, "I'll wait just for one more hour and if my demand isn't accepted, you will be punished with nothing less than a rape...and a brutal one indeed."

The mere thought of being raped by that atrocious demon made her shiver. She cried her heart out. But then she realised that she has to stay strong and find out a way to save her nation, her father's reputation and her modesty from the clutches of that monster.

'He is strong and armed hence can't be overpowered,' she thought, 'I have to find some other way.'

She heard his footsteps approaching her room and hurriedly closed her eyes pretending to be unconscious.

"Wake up baby," he said as he spilled water over face, "its time for the show!"

He was about to rip her clothes off her when she said, "I'm ready to do whatever you say but please let me have some water first. I feel so weak as if I'll die."

'No,' he thought, 'she must not die otherwise my plan won't work out.'

"Okay" he said as he cut off the ropes tied on her hands and feet. While he was filling a glass with water Diya pulled out a few buttons of her shirt. She knowingly spilled some water down her throat and his greedy eyes kept watching the water wet her nude bossom.

"Let me have something to eat, I'm starving. There must be something in the kitchen."

He took out his gun and said pointing it on her, "walk straight to the kitchen and remember, no petty tricks or I'll shoot you."

Diya got up from the bed and walked a few steps ahead. Then she pretended as if she was about to faint because of exhaustion. He put his gun back and came to support her. She embraced him tightly and pressed her baby breats hard against his chest. As he was lost in the tantalising sensation created by the touch of those soft eminences, she ran her hands on his body and searched for arms that he had on him. She found that he was carrying a few bottles of sedatives in the pocket of his jacket. She stealthly lifted her skirt high over her thighs and tucked it under her waist.

"Sir, I can't walk," she said, "it'll be really kind of you if you could carry me to the kitchen."

He thought it was safe to carry her rather than letting her walk, out of fear of her trying to run away. As he picked her up, his eyes transfixed them on her sensuous thighs dangling carelessly on his arms. Meanwhile, she stole the bottle of sedatives from his jacket and hid it in her pocket. He carefully put her down on her feet in the kitchen. She opened the fridge and took the eggs from it.

"I'll make an omelette for us," she said.

He kept watching her svelte frame and skimpy attire wrapped around it. She noticed it and chuckled as she poured out the sedative in the omlette. She placed the plate on kitchen table and offered him.

"Don't you want to have?" He asked with a bit of suspicion.

"No sir," she said politely, "you have been so kind to me that I felt that I should gift you something in return of your mercy. Right now I could only gift you with food."

She jumped on the kitchen table and sat cross legged on it near him.

"Then let's share this," he said as he tried to stuff her mouth with omelette. She placed a hand on her mouth and pretended to throw up.

"What happened?"

"Acidity," she made an excuse and said, "but please to finish the omelette that I have specially made for you."

"Then I too wish to gift you something," he said.


He put his hands below her waist, lifted her off her feet and sealed her mouth with a hungry kiss. Diya almost fainted by the assault of his savage kiss. But she flashed a smiling face to please him. He ate the omelette and soon fainted. She tied him upon the chair and ran to call her Dad. She hurriedly dialed his number and said as soon as he picked up, "Mission accomplished!"

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