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She's A Black Hole
She's A Black Hole

© Sapna Rauthan


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“Can you please elaborate?”, he said firmly.

“Ahem… So it’s…

I mean it’s like tasting a tinge of the universe, unaware of the fact what you are holding inside. It’s like every piece of you is exploding trying to rebound gravity every single moment but the struggle always ends up inside. It’s like being a black hole where gravity is beyond measure and every helping hand is like light trying to enter to comfort you in the dark but only resulting into getting bruised by your strong gravitational field. It’s like standing at the singularity and shouting out loud to the people at the event horizon, where no one could hear your screams except you. It’s like confiding oneself into a compact mass just to eliminate tenebrific movements and your existence moulding every single atoms to rotate and revolve and then suddenly changing the trajectory only to hit something good. It’s like accepting energy from surrounding be it warm, cool, dark, latent and what not accepting all beyond your limits only to result into a cluster of energy, tied together with a few knots…ready to explode!

Being a human black hole makes you realise what fusion and fission actually feels like, how explosions feel like, how voids feel like, when all left behind are some strangled pieces, the only way left out is to search for energy. So what if, for that, you have to engulf thousands of stars… Because your very initial stage was also a Star. Who got tired of holding and absorbing everything in for too long, but every star has a finite life and when they explode they shine the brightest.

Isn’t it tragic how a dying star radiates the most! I mean why?

why someone has to consume themselves, just to brighten another galaxy? why?”, I gasped for air as I spoke.

Every single eye in the room was gazing at me, cause for the first time I was saying all of it… Whatever I knew was true.

I continued, “Wouldn’t I know how it feels like to be a neutron star, massive and radiant once, now colliding with one’s inner self only to reach the end of my life. Wouldn’t I know how it feels to exist in between a galaxy where hundreds of stars confront you every day but your presence is only felt when inferred with other matter. Wouldn’t I know the struggle of craving to fall into Syzygy but only resulting into oblivion. Wouldn’t I know how it’s like to skip every crater inside my body… Only my body still waiting for an astronaut to come and rescue me from this gigantic crater in my heart…only if s(he) could cross the astroid belt”.

“Wouldn’t I know how it feels to be a pulsar once and now shrunken down into to little measure and ending up like this… Wouldn’t I know how painful and ineffable it is…. To be a HUMAN BLACK HOLE!”

” Wrong answer!! Can you be more scientific next time?”, he said. ” Anyone else in the class would like to answer?”


Sadly Astronomical Science was a bit different for me.

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