The Different Shades Of Her Life!!

The Different Shades Of Her Life!!

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That day at dawn there were different shades of colour in the sky and it was a scenic beauty to be behold but the two big brown eyes was just focused on the white screen in front of her, her heart was pounding, she knew what was going to happen in the end of the movie but just wasn’t able to accept it and so she hoped that “Jamie shouldn’t die of cancer and leave carter alone, because they both madly loved each other,” but alas the expected happened and “the walk to remember” finished. She got up with the coffee mug in her hand avoiding the books, the ferry lights and the teddy bear scattered on the carpet near the dressing table and reached towards the window, she saw the sky outside with tears in her eyes, when the mother entered her room she switched on the light and was not at all surprised to see the mess she had made in her room, actually it was no different from any other day, all dirty, musty and melancholic, her mother silently started picking up the things and arranging them and she walked out of the room towards her favourite place in the house, “the dark corner in the drawing-room”, where she and VIVAN used to sit every time he came home and went back to the memories of him..

VIVAN her best friend from childhood, a superb guitarist and a drummer, he used to play like a pro from a very young age. They used to do everything together, they used to sit together in school, play together, came back together eating ice cream or rather throwing and teasing each other, when their budding friendship became a beloved romance they never knew. At near 18 years of age VIVAN joined a band in which everyone was older than him but his talent was the best they had, the male lead singer was always jealous of him and never left an opportunity to insult him by saying that he was just a kid, and so VIVAN reached drugs trying to prove to him that he was not a “KID” anymore. One fine day when she came to his home, VIVAN’S mother was in the kitchen baking cake; she greeted her as a friend because they got along really well, and actually she was the darling of his house asked her where was her devil of a son, to which she laughingly replied upstairs in his room as usual, so she climbed the stairs and opened the door without knocking as she usually did, but to give him a surprise she didn’t this time but instead she got a surprise, he was standing on the railing of his balcony, his eyes bloody-ruddy  red , in an instant she knew he was high she came at the door of the balcony and when he looked at her, it was guilt that reflected on his face, he said “ I am sorry, I..I…I….did…Didn’t wanted to do this and those were his last words, his legs slipped and fell down from the railing and she couldn’t do anything she just ran towards the railing with her hand reaching to out to him to save him but she could not, she ran out of the home that instant and locked herself in her room and came out after two days, and saw VIVAN’s mom standing in front of her, auntie hugged her and cried but she hated it, all she wanted that the auntie should hate her, hit her, blame her because she KILLED HIM, and so she shouted at her and everyone to give her to the police because she had killed him, she ran everywhere, begged everyone to hand her over but she couldn’t understand why no one was doing after all he saw her and felt the guilt and died if she hadn’t been there it would have never happened….. And a voice came out and interrupted her reel of story

“Baby!!” VIVAN called out

“Shouldn’t we mix some vodka in this coffee that would get you really high like me and why are you wearing such dark grey clothes, it doesn’t suits you, wear something nice. I want to see you in your blue dress, it’s my favourite”, he said


“I’ll just change and see if some vodka is left in the dad’s cupboard or not and you are always right what would I do without you in my life” she replied

And he said;” aww baby I am always here for you forever. I am a part of you never forget that”.

Sticking to the wall the eyes of the girl’s mother was wet and tears were strolling down her cheeks on seeing her daughter changing sides and voices and talking to her own self, she never stopped her but always silently watch and cry looking at her because this happened everyday in that house.

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