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The World of Blindfolds!
The World of Blindfolds!

© Pinkal Kothiya


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This is entirely a different world. Everyone here is blindfolded. You can't see what's going around. You can never imagine how difficult it is to be blindfolded throughout the life. It's not about one of us being blindfolded and others could see and guide us. Everyone here is blindfolded.

Imagine you being one of the people who belonged to this world. Would you think you can survive here? Does this sound easy and interesting? What could happen if you are one of them?

Let me tell you, you would feel frustrated. You would want to help yourself but you could not. There is nothing you could do right. You can't walk properly and you fall, you just can't do anything right.

There are people around you, who would do the same wrong things, you collide, you repel. It is not the world that anyone would like to live. Do you?

But are we all not living in such a world. Where we have blindfolded ourselves with the greediness of earning money, in gaining materialistic world we have blindfolded our ethics and behavior. We have blindfolded all the truths over the lies.

Understand that this blindfold is not letting us fulfil our reason of existence. It's neither helping us nor helping the people around us.

I am afraid a day would come where we would go really blind without a piece of cloth folded on our eyes.

O mankind, look into the inner you. Remove the blindfold and save yourself from getting into the world of the blindfolds.

blindfold lies greedy materialism

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