Coffee Friends

Coffee Friends

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That day was Sunday and after dusting and cooking, I was tossing on the bed, aimlessly swiping and looking at random stuffs on my mobile.

Beep Beep.

There was a message

Hi Jay ...Can we meet for coffee this evening 5 pm at CCD ???  Suhani... 

I was surprised and pinched myself a dozen times to believe.

I had earlier spent just a few days with Suhani. She was a newcomer in office and was in my department. From the very first day of the job we shared the same workplace and had hardly exchanged any words apart from cursory good mornings and good evenings, apart from this, we had exchanged numbers just in case of some discussions, which however had never happened, but today, something bizarre happened and she had texted me.

The chilliness in the climate of mid-December in Delhi was absolutely perfect to ask someone out and especially it becomes more chilly when you have been invited by a girl.

As she told me, She will be waiting for me at CCD at 5 PM, close to our office.

I took shower, wore my favorite black shirt and blue jeans combed my untangled hairs, locked my flat and reached there five minutes before, was waiting for her inside the CCD.

She reached there exactly at 5 PM. She greeted me with a sweet 'HI'.

She looked good in that sky blue jeans and cream-colored pullover.

I dragged a chair for her, we both sat.

''How are you?'' she said.

“I am fine, you are looking nice". I said

"Thanks"-she said.

'What would you like to have?' – I asked.

''Anything that is your choice" - she replied.

There was silence for a minute or two.

"Hey, what happened why you called me?'' I asked, but got not any reply.

"I was committed and now Ajay dumped me" she said at once and her eyes became wet, I was in shock but soon gathered sense to listen to her.

She went ahead to discuss her past relationship and was almost in tears.

I took the tissue paper from the case on the table and wiped her tears and slowly stroked her silky hairs, but I was also trying to stop myself from taking the next leap forward, several thoughts were strolling in my mind.

How can someone dare to dump such beautiful creation of God? Bloody Asshole.

She felt sorry for making me feel uncomfortable. teardrops caressed her eye and slowly trickled down her cheek. I tried to console her by drawing various permutations and combinations between Suhani and her ex. ‘"you can try to be good friends", "You can at least try to contact him and sort out everything." I suggested.

She leaned forward and rested her right palm on my left and thanked me. She felt nice to be with me.

I ordered coffee for us.

There was silence between us while we finished our drinks, perhaps we were searching for the words.

"Can we go out for a walk?" She asked.

"Sure." I said, before that, I went to the counter and paid the bill.

We went out to stroll in the lanes. The cool breeze made her hair cover her face so that she would look sexier managing it. The moonlight was making her face illuminated with more effulgence.

"Can we be just friends?" she asked.

"I have never made friends in such a short span but I enjoyed the evening with you and Yes from now you are my friend, just coffee friend". I winked.

Her smile said she had become my coffee friend.

"It’s getting late… We should move now… My Sister would be waiting for me, I have told nothing about our break-up to her" she said. But she hinted me that she was willing to spend the entire night ambling down the streets.

Both of we boarded a cab and I dropped her at the gate of her building.

She hugged me and bid goodbye.

Beep…Beep… I checked my mobile while climbing the staircase back home.

Thank you so much. that was a nice evening with you. Good night... Take Care...Sweet dreams…Suhani.

She had sent me an SMS.

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