Sorry Mom- Letter

Sorry Mom- Letter

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Time and again it has been said that hospitals have heard more prayers than any of the temples, mosques and churches.

Today I saw it, felt it and learned how careless we are with our lives. How we take  ourselves for granted.

Standing at the Emergency room seeing a family praying for the loved one;
Oh so young, so handsome, so smart as nurses kept speaking about that boy. But so naive, to do street racing on his bike..

I kept thinking will that boy survive? Standing still at the doorway, forgot for whom I was there. I kept praying for the boy... praying for the family, praying for his life.

After few minutes saw the other half of the family running outside... Oh no! Did the boy not make it? I kept thinking and praying.

But as the horror would have it, the young boy of 27 lost his life. The doctors could not save him, prayers did not heal him.
As I kept standing there the grandmom and mom fainted. Her young son lost his life. I could feel the pain of the family. The contest of life and death lasted for 10 mins and in the end death won..!!

I pray for the family and for the boy. I pray for that mother who thought his son will get a gift for her on Mother's Day. Sorry Mom, but your son did not win the race, but Death won his life.

 May his soul rest in peace...

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