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What Is Your Story??

What Is Your Story??

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It was a mundane day, I was coming from a tiring field visit, I had a train to catch, hence was in hurry. Thanks to my cab wale bhaiya, he got me to the station just on time! (Train was about to leave.. )


I was sitting in coach A1, seat no. 19, was busy settling my stuff on my berth, I realized a young girl, perhaps somewhere around 6 years of age was looking at me and my stuff, however I ignored, or say tried to.

Post my entire adjustment, I was busy reading a book, out of nowhere she started the conversation – "Hey, nice bag! Where did you buy this?"

"Thanks, I got it from CP, I mean Delhi." I replied with a smile.

"Going for a vacation?" here goes her next question.

"No, I stay in Delhi only, with my parents" (No idea why did I clarify about my stay)

"Cool!" she said.

By then, ticket checker came and asked for tickets. Sometimes I wonder, it is really annoying to go and check each and everyone’s ticket and then match it with their id card. Perhaps jobs are like this only – Boring!

All this while, I observed, that little girl was busy in spying my all the items.

Must say, when you are hungry you can like anything to everything. I simply loved the train food!


As usual, after my meal, I was ready with a book in my hand to enter the different world, away from the existing hustle-bustle, suddenly I saw the question approaching me –

"What are you reading??"

"An autobiography," I replied.

She looked perplexed. I realized, perhaps a heavy word for a 6 year old girl. "It's about a girl and her struggle to live her life to the fullest".

"Achaa…. Like some history book??"

"Not exactly" – I tried to clarify.

"What it is then?"

"It is like a story book," I simplified.

"Story??" She looked curious.


After 10 minutes, another question followed – "What is a story??"

"Ehhh…. Story could be anything! it could be a simple description of an incident Like a girl and a guy on a date?? Or let us say two friends going on a picnic.. or"

"OR like you and me having late night discussions" - she interrupted.

"Perhaps Yes!" I accepted her definition.

"Hmmm….. What is a good story??"

"Story is a story, it can never be good or bad, it just need a reader – that can make it interesting or boring (when you don’t get it)." I attempted.

"How to write a good story??"

"Story is not written, it gets created that too on its own! That’s the beauty of a story!"

She accepted all these things half-heartedly.

"What all is required to make a story?"

"Story does not require anything specific. It requires only 2 souls –

One – who can share and another who can accept ; sometimes both in the same body!"

"How long a story can last?"

"Unless a silent mouth can narrate and a lonely self can listen to it," I added.

"Hmm.. but how does it end?? How do you know it is the end of the story??"

"Haha… well that's a tricky question!! but I will try to answer –

Best part of the story is it can start anytime and anywhere & sometimes at the rarest of the rare time! It has no definite start nor an end. Sometimes, an unexpected turn can end the story whereas sometimes a simple diversion can add a twist to make it even more interesting!"

"Hmmm….. looks interesting!"

"By the way, whats do you want from your life??" She hits the target.

???? (I didn’t know what to answer, I mean how??? Why??? Out of a sudden this!! Totally unexpected!!)

"Okay Okay! Let me re-frame it" – she understood my expression.

"What is your story???"

"I don’t have any story."

"Why not?? You only said story can be created anytime anywhere! Why not you create one??"

I smiled and advised her to sleep – "It's too late for you to be awake, goodnight."


Meanwhile, train was running really fast leaving all the trees and houses behind and I was still thinking –

Can I also create a story?? Will it be interesting?? Will I get any reader for the same???

And above all, How it would be??

Do I have any story?? What is my story??

Perhaps time for you also to think!! - What is your story???






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