Jisha Rajesh

Abstract Tragedy

Jisha Rajesh

Abstract Tragedy

In Your Heart

In Your Heart

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"He has only days to live, Kabir." The doctor said with a grim face.

"Please do something doctor," Kabir folded his hands and implored. "I can't let him go like this."

"I'm sorry, Kabir." The doctor looked at him with apologetic eyes and said, "the only hope for his survival is a heart replacement surgery."

"Then why don't you do that, doctor?"

"We are not able to find a donor heart till now." The doctor crossed his arms and said, "if we don't find a donor right now, it would not be of any help to us later."

"Can I meet him?"

"Yes," the doctor nodded.

Kabir opened the door and walked in with light steps. Karan was sleeping, and he didn't want to wake him up. Kabir and Karan were best friends since the age of three. They had been for each other through thick and thin throughout their growing up years. Their world came crashing down when Karan was diagnosed with a rare heart condition and became critically ill.

"Kabir?" Karan asked with his eyes still closed as if he had recognized Kabir by the sound of his footsteps

"How are you, buddy?" Kabir asked in an exuberant voice to make Karan feel good.

"Take me out of here, Kabir," Karan held on Kabir's hands "I don't want to die like this."

"You are not going to die," Kabir warned. "And if I ever listen you say so, I'm going to thrash you really bad."

"Fine, but please take me out into the open."

Kabir helped him to a wheelchair and took him to his car waiting outside. Kabir's eyes filled up as he thought they would not be able to hang out like they used to do, ever again. This one might be the last one.

* * *

Kabir was woken up by a phone call late that night. It was Karan's father.

"Karan's condition is critical son," he sobbed, "he wants to meet you, Kabir. Please come to the hospital."

"I'm on my way, uncle." He said as he rushed to his bike parked outside.

* * *

"How do you feel now, Karan?" The doctor asked with a wide grin.

"I'm fine," Karan looked around and saw happiness brimming in his parent's eyes.

"Mr. Sharma," the doctor turned to Karan's father, "your son is going to live a long life with his new heart."

"Thank you so much, doctor." Sharma held on the doctor's hand to express his gratitude and then ran a hand on Karan's head, "you are safe now my son."

"Where is Kabir?" Karan asked after searching for his best friend among the faces around him.

The doctor and his parents exchanged agonized glances at each other. Then the doctor came forward and held Karan's hand in his.

"You've to be brave, Karan." The doctor said.

"Tell me clearly, doctor." Karan frowned, "what is it?"

"Kabir met with an accident that night when your condition had worsened. He was coming to meet you. He succumbed to the injuries the very next day. It's his heart that was transplanted to you."

"What!" Karan was shocked.

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