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Hamlet,Prince Of Denmark:Part5
Hamlet,Prince Of Denmark:Part5

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Polonius's son, Laertes, returns to Denmark from Paris. He is very angry.

'Claudius, you have killed my father. I shall persuade the people to

rebel against you. There will be a revolution!'

'No, Laertes, Hamlet is responsible for everything!'

'But how did my father die? Why is it a secret?'

'Be patient. When I have explained everything, you will understand. I am

your friend.'

Ophelia comes to see Laertes .She loved Hamlet but he killed her father.

This has made her mad. She sings sad songs and gives flowers to everyone

she meets.

'What is the matter with my sister?'

'She has lost her mind, poor girl.'

'He is dead, lady, he is dead. He will never come again. His beard was as

white as snow. He is gone, he is gone. Love, remember me.'

'Do you see this? Oh God!'

A sailor brings a letter to Horatio. When he opens it, he discovers that it

is from Hamlet.


I am in Denmark. Some pirates attacked our ship. While every body

was fighting, I jumped onto their ship. I paid them and they brought me

home to Denmark.

Losencrantz and Guildenstern have continued to England. I shall tell

you more about them when I see you. Meet me in the graveyard.


'I shall go to him immediately. I am glad he is safe.'

Claudius also receives a letter from Hamlet. He has a private conversation

with Laertes.

'But why didn't you put Hamlet in prison?'

'He is very popular with the people. It was impossible to punish him. The

best thing was to send him to England.'

'He has killed my father and driven my sister out of her mind! I would do

anything to get my revenge.'

'This letter is from Hamlet. He is back in Denmark.'

'I'm glad. I will kill him.'

'I have a better plan.'

The Queen comes in. 'I have bad news, Laertes. Ophelia is dead. She

wanted to put flowers on the willow tree. While she was climbing, she

slipped and fell into the river. She floated there, singing, then she


'Was it suicide?'

'Nobody knows. Perhaps it was an accident. Oh, sweet Ophelia! I hoped she would marry Hamlet. Come, let us go and bury her.'

'Now Hamlet has killed my father and my sister.'

Hamlet meets Horatio in the graveyard. They see a gravedigger. He is

preparing a new grave and he has uncovered some old bones. Hamlet

begins to talk about death.

'Look at this skull, Horatio. It is Yorick's. He was the court jester. Alas,

poor Yorick. I knew him, Horatio. When I was a child, he carried me on his

back. His jokes were the best. He cannot make anybody laugh now.'

'Perhaps this skull belonged to a beautiful lady. She cannot paint her

face now. Perhaps this skull belonged to a lawyer. He cannot show how

clever he is now. Perhaps this skull belonged to a court gentleman. He

cannot wear elegant clothes now.'

There is a willow by the river.

Its silver leaves shine in the glassy water.

Ophelia walked there, picking the flowers

to hang on the graceful branches of the tree.

But as she was climbing up to the sky,

a thin branch broke under her small feet

and she fell down into the weeping brook.

Her dress spread wide and, like a mermaid.

She floated on the surface, singing old melodies.

She was as happy as a creature of the water

but as her clothes grew heavy, they pulled her down

to the dark bottom of the river, to muddy death.

angry peruade rebel killed

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