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Journey Till I Was 18
Journey Till I Was 18

© Vineeta Patni


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 1st love means a lot.  I was  14 and fell in love with the strangest person, the one who was  taller than me, fairer than me. Though getting into this relationship was  so difficult but  finally i was in relationship with that guy. Everything seemed  to be so special  and different which i can't even explain....  Months flew away.  So many ups and downs  were waiting on the way...
 Aah! love is not easy, its not at all easy.
Its a source of hurting yourself, late night chats, crying, blushing... These things became shit to me.  When he  ditched me. Promises  had come to an end. 
 He cheated on me, 
He said "sorry, i loved you but now  i love someone else."
 I was like "Why, why with me..?"
 I pleaded him  to stay.
 But he flew away as the time passed by... 

 NOW i m 17
 Relationships did not matter to me.
 But  strangely a guy entered my life, proclaiming that  he really loved me.
 Again this guy was fairer than me, smarter than me, maybe many girls  were behind him.
  I was again in a relationship. 
He said "Relationship becomes stronger within 2-3 days, no long duration is required, if the bond is created, its created nobody can break it."  
 That touched me deeply.
 Again  same things went on...  late night chats  and calls and laughters..
It was 21st march 2017.
 He said, "I want break-up." 
 It was like my dreams were shattered in front of my eyes .
 I couldn't even  ask him the reason. 
I was startled.
 Where were his words now..? I guess he had kicked them off.
It took me so long to become normal  but now I don't give a damn about him.
 He lost me, not I. Rather I found myself.
 I know  I have to be self-dependent. 
  Finally now I am an adult .... 18 year old  .
I am mature enough.

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