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Flavours Of India !
Flavours Of India !

© Smita Dhruv

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Something stirred in me when the fruitwallah gave me discount while purchasing fruits from him, and put some additional fruits to make up for charging me more.

Something stirred in me when a simple shopkeeper allowed me to taste many of  his preparations, may it be simple peanuts, or a mouth freshner or  a freshly made snack.

Something stirred in me when my domestic helper waited to see my old father get well from illness and helped with many other chores out of real care.

I have stopped complaining now about how dirty India is, how lazy people are here, how uncultured they are after all their goodness !

I have stopped bargaining   with any vegetable vendor, in my city, and in my country whenever  I travel.

I have stopped questioning too much about the tariff with the taxiwallah or rickshaw wallahs in my city, and when I travel in my country.

Now I carry small packets of biscuits with me if I am in car, driving, and give to begging children at the traffic signals, or apparently needy family sitting in one corner quietly without complaining and stressing about their life’s problems.

I will no more shoo off the beggers at the traffic signal. I would rather smile and will certainly not insult them.

I will appreciate simple labourers' working at a new construction site,  for putting in all of their energy in creating something new – so that others can live there peacefully.

 I will welcome the milkman, postman, safai kamdars for being so selfless – who are continuously working so that others can live happily !

I will not sarcastically say “ Saume se nabbe beiman, fir bhi mera Bharat Mahan. “

Funny, that we still crib about stress and  look for  peace and ways to maintain good health.

Answer is here – work for others- without complaining and without any selfish motive - and happiness is just round the corner ! – A Lesson I learnt from Incredible India & dehati Indians !

India dehati incredible peacefully soul

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