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The Fish That Shreds Gold
The Fish That Shreds Gold

© Gouri Neeraj

Children Fantasy

4 Minutes   3.3K    82

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“RILEY! COME HERE,NOW!” calls her mom and Riley come’s running “WHAT IS IT,MOM?” she asks “TAKE THESE TO MADAM PHILBOURN,HURRY” say’s the maid giving a porcelain tray stacked with kettles, bowls, napkins, plates and glasses to the little girl. She carefully carried it to another lady who looked nothing like the maid, this lady was thin, scrawny and when we looked at her all we could see was her big fat nose with a big black mole on the side “OH! Marjorie! Marjorie! Why did this brat bring me coffee?” she asked, the maid, Marjorie stood with her face down “I’m so sorry ma’am, I’ll never repeat this! NEVER!!” she said. The lady grinned at her. “Never say, never…..Marjorie, never” she showed a hand sign that meant ‘Go away’ and they went.

As the maid took the tray from the child the lady called “Riley! Oh! Riley, come here darling” Riley knew that this was in fact a trap, she knew and had heard from many maidens, such as her mother, that this woman wasn’t so nice, not at all! Even though she went there trembling “You called me Madam Philbourn?” she asked

“Yes my child, yes” Riley turned around to see her mother disappear, suddenly the lady held her hand tightly “Well,

Won’t you be a good hand for my daughters? Won’t you

Riley dear? Tell me …” she asked now slightly stroking her hair

“Yes, ma’am” said Riley “Then, go get Laura and Delura a piece of pie” she said letting go and walking away from Riley.

Riley ran back to her mom and told this. Then she took some pie to the twin sisters, she opened the door “Laura, Delura I got some pie for you” she said. “Laura?”… “And Delura? Who are we? Sisters… to you, huh?” the twins said. Laura pushed the little girl down and put her feet on her chest “you can only call us ‘your highness’, understood?” she said going to her sister “Now, flee!” said Delura. Riley got up and ran to her mom, crying and in bruises “Oh my goodness Riley! What happened?” asked her mom wiping her daughter’s tears “They…they hurt me” said Riley weeping “Oh dear! If we only had money to go back to our farm” said the maid hugging her daughter. Riley went outside and sat under a willow tree by the lake, she glanced in the water, she saw fish gliding in and out of the branches and gliding through them.

Then a particular fish caught her eye, it was like nothing she had ever seen! It was a mix of gold and autumn orange, it felt like royalty and her favourite season autumn. It’s tail was like a shiffon net, so soft and flowing along with the water. Then at the other side of the lake she saw a fisherman approaching silently near the fish. The fish didn’t see this as it was busy playing. Riley pushed the fisherman with all her force but the jolly big fat man didn’t budge. He looked down to her face and then told the other two men something and they grabbed her away, she screamed and shouted imprecations at the man, but he didn’t mind the girl. The fish quickly turned around to see this man coming to catch it. The fish swam away as fast as it could have, going deeper and deeper.

Riley glanced at the fish one last time to see it swim away from the cruel and unjust world above as she wished she could have. The fisherman was now furious and hit the girl hard “DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH THAT STUPID FISH COSTS IN THE MARKET? DO YOU?” he said and disappeared leaving Riley helpless on the ground. She wept of the pain and also on the discriminate ways of the world, then she again saw something like the fish a few meters away in the lake. She got up to take a closer look and then she saw that it was the shredded skin of the fish {shredded in sense like snakes shred their skin}. She took it and went to her mom “MOM! MOM! LOOK! IT IS THE SKIN OF A FISH! BUT! BUT…. IT IS GOLD!!” the lady looked carefully and found that indeed it was gold. The very next day they packed and went back to their farm and led a happy, just and indiscriminate life. It is said that the fish still shreds it’s skin to help others when it sees an incomparable act of kindness. All these wonderful things happen just because of the skin of a fish, the skin of a ‘goldfish’.

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