Sky is the limit!

Sky is the limit!

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She was standing on the terrace with a cup of tea in her hand. She saw an aeroplane flying over her head . She closed her eyes. She felt anxious! And again she could not help herself to think over the same questions which she had been thinking over and again since last few months. What if she chase his dream? What if she doesn't? Was she really capable of doing it? What others will think about her? And again to escape these questions she told herself to stop thinking about these bullshit and concentrate on her studies to get a stable job. But, will a stable job give her happiness? No! Of course not. Then why she wants to settle with it?

She opened her eyes and observed something interesting which answered all these questions. She saw few birds flying in the sky. It seemed that they were enjoying the freedom of flying. But then suddenly the speed of wind increased resulting in panic among these birds. A few of them rushed towards their nest. Two of them tried hard to fly but then finally gave in. One got back to the nest and the other waited patiently on the branch of the tree till the speed of the wind came in control. And this time he flew higher and higher as if their is no limit. There was something, which made him unstoppable. May be it was the joy of waiting patiently and then fighting back. May be it was the pleasure of chasing something which he was very passionate about. Whatever it was, but he looked happy !

The problem is, "we are slave of our own thoughts". And the truth is, "the ones who dares to chase their dreams, are the ones who taste the ultimate bliss of life, i.e., happiness". Just like birds, when we are born we are free to chase whatever we want. Some of us give up without trying. Some of us give up in the middle due to some obstacles.

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