2) A Cherry Blossom Heart Ch-2:-The Storm

2) A Cherry Blossom Heart Ch-2:-The Storm

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The massive storm hit the city and everyone evacuated but baby Moedig.  

The wind howled and blew so strong that flower petals were torn out of the magical cherry blossom tree and flew into the hut through the windows. The moment they touched his eyes, something magical happened. Moedig could see the beautiful world, he was not blind anymore. By God’s grace, he survived the huge storm and continued to live in the hut.  

Moedig was a smart child. Basic survival instinct made him start thinking and understanding things around him at a very early age. He fed on the milk and food that the kind girl had left him. When the stock started depleting, with great effort he started rolling then crawling out of the basket. He fell on the floor, crawled to the door, out of the hut into the big scary forest. Still he did not stop and kept crawling and crawling till he reached the magical cherry blossom tree.  


Moedig took the help of the tree and with great determination, started to stand-up. Eventually, he managed to climb the tree and started living in it. Many years passed and it looked like Moedig took care of the tree and the tree took care of Moedig.  







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