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May Be Chatadisha
May Be Chatadisha

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Thriller Tragedy

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A person woke up from his bed; he looked like me but it was not me because he appeared to be physically fit but some idiots tell me that I am a mentally and physically ill person. Because a person named schizophrenia has crush on me. Imaginary me who came in my dream came out of my room and he went near balcony. He disappeared... He disappeared like a darkness covered by bright light...

pa....dy paaady pady. MOM. My mom is trying to seperate me and my lover i,e my sleep because her best friend morning 6.30 alarm her with tinn..tinn.. tune HAA.. Its morning my enemy had arrived 'ENEMY' what does it mean? "A person who torture you and a person who hated by you is an enemy"- exactly my physical trainer is my enemy. He makes me run and exersise everyday working out exercising was hardest time of day but I enjoyed running because I had company in a neighbour named Sak who was of my same age. Whom I considered as a bestie but he considered me as just an abnormal person. Still he talked to me I had lots of fun moments with him, he always said to me about his crush that is Riya. That day he told me that he was going to a picnic with three of his friends. I heard the word picnic but had no experience so I requested him to take me to the picnic he started thinking for some time after that in an unwilling face he said "OK", but he also restricted me by saying I should not interfere in any of the matter between that four friends. Journey begins me and Sak met his three friends near old street traffic circle of the city. That bus described its designer had 4 digit telephone number , still it took me to the picnic spot with Sak, Sam, Rahul & Preath.

I am in my first picnic place literally it was a forest. It was fun to spend time with nature. It was dark we decided to lodge in the spot. Sak arranged the campfire. We started playing truth or dare. Unfortunately the first dare was for me. They asked me to perform a pole dance with trees but that trees were more than piller. I failed in pole performance so they gave me punishment to sit like cock till next round. Next dare was given to Sak; the dare was to call Riya and propose her. To prove himself that he is brave enough to do any dare he accepted the dare. He called Riya without any scare he proposed to her. A light of sadness flashed in his face but he acted as if he was happy. He disconnected the call and said us that she was asking for some time. I was free from punishment the game continued but I was not in the stage of continuing it because I was tired my lover is coming back in my life i.e sleep..

If a person were to wake up in another time, another place, would that person still be the same ? when i woke up I came down very scared. I cried. I knew I was lost. I couldn't find my live friends I came up their bodies which was dead. Now I realized a physical state... I am physically fit like other people. That sleep was a sleep of miracle in my life I started searching my bag. My bag was filled with dust. I took my watch from my bag I was staggered to see the date it was 2 months from the day I had come for picnic. I thought the watch was out of its mind but what happend to my friends why they on their life into permanent sleep mood. Now I was trying to come out from that forest while finding the way I came up with ASI notice. ASI means ARCHAEOLOGICAL SURVEY OF INDIA that notice mentions that the place is haunted. If ghost killed 4 of my friends why it did not kill me? Did ghost bless me insted of killing me? It was foolish of me to think like that moving some distance forward I saw another notice. I lost my words by seeing that notice because it was my missing notice. It says pady 17 year old boy missing from 1/2/2017 my watch was not living the present day was 1/4/2017.... confused ...... totaly confused. I dont know what happend to me did I sleep for 2 months? I went and sat under a tree. I closed my eyes and stressed on my brain only one quesion arrived, what happend to me a couple of months ago ??

I heard a sound of some one crying I opend my eyes camp fire was burning but none of my friends were there crying sound was familiar to me I followed that sound. It was Sak. Sak was crying with sharp shining knife holding in his hand. I called him but it was too late he had killed himself by cutting his veins. When I went near him he was almost dead, his last sentence was I cannot live without Riya...

I thought of calling other friends. I saw Rahul with an injection he was injecting himself. But that injection was strange because normaly injection helps to reduce the pain but Rahul is dancing in the land with white liquid in his mouth in a manner of pain. I thought Rahul was enjoying his injecton so I decided to call Sam and Preath.

Both of them were not in good mood. Both were fighting for a brown black liquid in the use & throw glass. The fight was not normal. It started becoming more complicated. When they were fighting I came up with a bottle asking signature. It was green bottle but I did not have pen to sign so I left the bottle and tried to stop Sam and Preath. They started to throw stones at eachother. I failed in stopping that fight because something hit my head my vision became black ....

Ghosts did not kill my friends. Chatadisha killed my friends. Chatadisha is the person who built his house inside every person with the help of brick named bad habits(chatha).



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