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Dreams to die for
Dreams to die for

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A determined dream to die for will never allow a person to quit.

There lived an IAS officer who was once unnoticed , being from a middle class family background. She dreamed of becoming an IAS officer, she started to imagine herself as one and worked hard to crack the nutshell.

But it was not a piece of cake for her. She was forced to quit her dream because of her family background ("Perks of being a middle class".SARCASM TO BE NOTED)

She worked in a private concern for rest of the year. But she wasn't able to work with a greater satisfaction. A mini voice in her always notified that she was unable to live her dream. She wanted some miracles to happen in her life. But the only thing she could do was to curse her life.

One day while returning to home from office she came across an incident which changed her life totally.

She saw an old woman walking on the road selling bunch of pens. She accidentally collapsed with the old woman, only then she noticed that the woman was a visually challenged person. Since the woman fainted suddenly, she rushed to the nearby shop to get a water bottle. After a while the woman came back to her normal sense. She enquired about her well being. The woman assured that she was feeling good now. She asked the old woman that why was she working hard even at the state of being old.

The old woman answered her that she was holding the responsibility of taking care of her grand child who lost his parents and it was her dream to educate him well at any cost and she was not ready to back away from it.

After having a small talk with the old woman she left the place.

This incident was pricking her heart through the way to her home. After this incident she stopped blaming her life and worked till she achieved the fruit of success.

"Your dream will find its way if you are damn sure in achieving it. "

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